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Truth Quotes

truth quotes

The elusive truth is that there is nothing stress-producing in the physical world. Things simply are. Molecules move. Light and sound appear.Andrew Bernstein

On the contrary, it might even be a projection of what the truth is of the Bush Administration's complacency and ineptitude on the terrorism in its first 9 months in office.Sidney Blumenthal

The truth in acting is that we are all hired help. We are a commodity. There is no difference between being an actor and pork bellies.Lorraine Bracco

Eclecticism - every truth is so true that any truth must be false.F. H. Bradley

The stream of time sweeps away errors, and leaves the truth for the inheritance of humanity.Georg Brandes

The truth is, I think country music... there's a lot of great people, and just being raised the way a lot of country boys and girls are, hopefully there's just a lot of respect.Lee Brice

What I do with my kids is I tell them I love them every day, but also I tell them the truth.Todd Bridges

Moral certainty can deafen people to any truth other than their own.Geraldine Brooks

It feels so good to tell the truth.Foxy Brown

In a controversy the instant we feel anger we have already ceased striving for the truth, and have begun striving for ourselves.Buddha

Science is knowledge arranged and classified according to truth, facts, and the general laws of nature.Luther Burbank

I have discovered the art of deceiving diplomats. I tell them the truth and they never believe me.Camillo di Cavour

The earth is supported by the power of truth; it is the power of truth that makes the sun shine and the winds blow; indeed all things rest upon truth.Chanakya

Gossip needn't be false to be evil - there's a lot of truth that shouldn't be passed around.Frank A. Clark

It is the nature of truth to struggle to the light.Wilkie Collins

I realize now I could have gotten a whole book out of that and so I think that was a big mistake. But the truth is you write in the moment and with your head down and there is no way back then that I could have conceived of Harry having the longevity that he has had.Michael Connelly

The truth doesn't change. It was the same when Moses got the Ten Commandments as it is today. That's the thing about the truth. That's the thing about real. It doesn't change and it doesn't have to change. Now you can put it in a different book, but it's still real. It's still the truth.DMX

If you tell the truth about how you're feeling, it becomes funny.Larry David

After all, the ultimate goal of all research is not objectivity, but truth.Helene Deutsch

Any truth is better than indefinite doubt.Arthur Conan Doyle