tennis quotes

I don't want to be remembered for my tennis accomplishments.Arthur Ashe

I play tennis five hours a week, from Monday to Friday, for one hour every day. I like to be fit. If I can't exercise, I feel bad - I need to sweat and run to feel like I'm in good shape.Bjorn Borg

As tennis players, we work and we sacrifice many things. To lose, that's not a happy thing - I mean sure, I was disappointed. You have to come back strong. But to win the last point in a grand slam tournament, that's the most beautiful and most satisfying feeling you can get as a tennis player. It's worth it.Bjorn Borg

It's tough when you're No. 1. You don't have any private life, you can't even walk anywhere. I think that was one reason why I lost my motivation to play tennis.Bjorn Borg

It wasn't my tennis that made me lose, it was a lot of different things going on, high drama, high emotion.Jennifer Capriati

Tennis is what I do and is part of who I am.Jennifer Capriati

Women's tennis is two sets of rubbish that lasts only half an hour.Pat Cash

All my time in rehab has made me appreciate tennis more than ever.Kim Clijsters

I was very lucky in as much as I played a lot of tennis.Dabney Coleman

Tennis was never work for me, tennis was fun. And the tougher the battle and the longer the match, the more fun I had.Jimmy Connors

I've been kicked in the teeth more times in tennis than the law ought to allow.Jimmy Connors

There was never anything I wanted to do more than play tennis. Never once walked out there and thought, 'I wish I was doing something else.' Not once.Jimmy Connors

Tennis doesn't encourage any kind of intellectual development.Jim Courier

I really try not to read the tennis articles, because a lot of times they're guessing at how a player is feeling, and I like to keep myself kind of open minded about how I'm feeling, rather than have someone else explain to me what's going on.Jim Courier

If they had rankings in baseball, maybe I would have been able to do the math and figure out my chances of being a professional baseball player versus a tennis player. But that was the decision-maker for me, I just thought I was better in tennis.Jim Courier

I do a lot of running. Bit of squash, bit of tennis. I don't like feeling out of shape.Richard Coyle

Tennis is more commercial these days.Lindsay Davenport

My favorite tennis player, who I'm amazed by, is Roger Federer.Doug Davidson

Tennis is a mental game. Everyone is fit, everyone hits great forehands and backhands.Novak Djokovic

I'm trying to enjoy my lie as much as I can and I know that tennis hopefully is going to be my life the next 10, 15 years.Novak Djokovic