sign quotes

A flow of words is a sure sign of duplicity.Honore de Balzac

The backlash against Big Government is an encouraging sign of a growing resistance to the mission creep of federal power.Bob Barr

I took some classes in sign language when I was in my early teens because I was told that I would be completely deaf very early. But I never really wanted to learn.Stephanie Beacham

Obviously I've had great experiences with people I've worked with on films - I've married half of them! I should come with a warning sign that says, 'Don't worry, I'm not going to try to marry you. I'm done.'Kate Beckinsale

I do not weep: I loathe tears, for they are a sign of slavery.Max Beckmann

Genius worship is the inevitable sign of an uncreative age.Clive Bell

They used to say, 'If we find a good black player, we'll sign him.' They was lying.Cool Papa Bell

Our enmity toward God takes on many labels, such as rebellion, hard-heartedness, stiff-neckedness, unrepentant, puffed up, easily offended, and sign seekers. The proud wish God would agree with them. They aren't interested in changing their opinions to agree with God's.Ezra Taft Benson

Other clubs never came into my thoughts once I knew Arsenal wanted to sign me.Dennis Bergkamp

So I took it as a very positive sign that the club came to me rather than the other way round.Dennis Bergkamp

The first sign of corruption in a society that is still alive is that the end justifies the means.Georges Bernanos

I wanted to be the perfect artist. I'd do three hours of media interviews a day, going to every radio station I could squeeze in. I'd sign autographs after the show until everybody left.Clint Black

When some guy shows up with a shopping bag full of records and CD's and wants me to sign every one plus fifteen pieces of blank paper I wonder what the hell is he doing with all of that?Jimmy Carl Black

We put together a one-sentence petition asking Congress to censure President Clinton and move on to other pressing issues. We sent it to under 100 friends and family, and within a week we had 100,000 people sign the petition.Joan Blades

When I cut the feet out of my pantyhose that one time, I saw it as my sign. I had been visualizing being self employed prior to this happening. It was my mental preparation meeting the opportunity in that moment.Sara Blakely

I take a very practical view of raising children. I put a sign in each of their rooms: 'Checkout Time is 18 years.'Erma Bombeck

I think repeating yourself is a sign of old age, telling the same joke again and again. Especially if they're jokes that don't make people laugh.Simon Le Bon

Any time someone carries a picket sign in front of the White House, that is the First Amendment in action.Julian Bond

There were times when I blundered and got the dreaded look from the lads. But that was a good sign. It showed I'd attempted something I'd not tried before.John Bonham

A sign of celebrity is that his name is often worth more than his services.Daniel J. Boorstin