rivers quotes

Well, I think breathing life into the Endangered Species Act, taking those wolves back into Yellowstone, restoring the salmon in the rivers of the Pacific Northwest.Bruce Babbitt

Ill habits gather unseen degrees, as brooks make rivers, rivers run to seas.John Dryden

Haiti itself was also photographed, some of the streets, some of the mountains, rivers, streams, etc. were photographed before talking with me about how I felt about Haiti. Then the camera went to our voodoo temple and saw a serious ceremony, a real ceremony.Katherine Dunham

I had the fortunate experience to play with people from different schools of music. Sam Rivers is from the fundamentalist school of music.Kevin Eubanks

Most big cities like London and Glasgow have great big rivers that are unmissable. What's brilliant about the Water of Leith is that it's so hidden. It's a secret.Antony Gormley

People commonly travel the world over to see rivers and mountains, new stars, garish birds, freak fish, grotesque breeds of human; they fall into an animal stupor that gapes at existence and they think they have seen something.Soren Kierkegaard

I think there have always been funny women, from Carol Burnett to Joan Rivers. When the audience sees a woman, they innately know she's worked twice as hard to get there, she's had to prove that she can be the leader, first, and then be funny on top of it. She has to emit a confidence that she's in control.Wendy Liebman

I have been overcome by the beauty and richness of our life together, those early mornings setting out, those evenings gleaming with rivers and lakes below us, still holding the last light.Anne Morrow Lindbergh

In valley drift we meet commonly with the bones of quadrupeds which graze on plains bordering rivers.Charles Lyell

I'm interested in raw land and trees and fresh air and rivers and lots of animals around them.Kent McCord

I'm not trying to be the next Joan Rivers.Isaac Mizrahi

In a decade, America's mighty rivers will have reached the boiling point.Edwin Newman

I'm not Prince or Rivers Cuomo, who brags about having hundreds of great songs.Trent Reznor

We can see cities during the day and at night, and we can watch rivers dump sediment into the ocean, and see hurricanes form.Sally Ride

All the rivers run into the sea; yet the sea is not full.King Solomon

The rivers of America will run with blood filled to their banks before we will submit to them taking the Bible out of our schools.Billy Sunday

Mother Nature is always speaking. She speaks in a language understood within the peaceful mind of the sincere observer. Leopards, cobras, monkeys, rivers and trees; they all served as my teachers when I lived as a wanderer in the Himalayan foothills.Radhanath Swami

I heard stories from my mother's mother who was an American Indian. She was spiritual, although she did not go to church, but she had the hum. She used to tell me stories of the rivers.Tina Turner

In rivers, the water that you touch is the last of what has passed and the first of that which comes; so with present time.Leonardo da Vinci

The progress of rivers to the ocean is not so rapid as that of man to error.Voltaire