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Remembered Quotes

remembered quotes

I don't want to be remembered for my tennis accomplishments.Arthur Ashe

I wish it to be remembered that I was the last man of my tribe to surrender my rifle.Sitting Bull

At times I've got a really big ego. But I'll tell you the best thing about me. I'm some guy's dad; I'm some little gal's dad. When I die, if they say I was Annie's husband and Zachary John and Anna Kate's father, boy, that's enough for me to be remembered by. That's more than enough.John Denver

I just remembered songs my grandmother taught me, and songs that I learned for the recordings. But, then I learned to speak Italian. When I was there, I hired a professor who stayed with me 24 hours a day. She wouldn't let me speak a word of English.Connie Francis

I don't know if I particularly want to be remembered for anything. I personally do not think I'm a great gift to the world. I've been very fortunate.Edmund Hillary

When they thought of me, they always remembered the vacuous Billie Dawn. It was as simple as that.Judy Holliday

The happiest conversation is that of which nothing is distinctly remembered, but a general effect of pleasing impression.Samuel Johnson

That we must all die, we always knew; I wish I had remembered it sooner.Samuel Johnson

I want to be remembered for Swiss Family Robinson and Old Yeller. I think Swiss is probably my favorite film.Tommy Kirk

I remembered their songs but I had never owned a Beatles album.Sheryl Lee

I ran into Neal Patrick Harris recently. We were in something called The Purple People Eater. He was maybe 10, but he still remembered it as the worst experience of his life!Peggy Lipton

I want to be remembered for the work that I've done, rather than the car accidents that I've gotten into, the men that I've not dated - or the man that I have.Lindsay Lohan

Ronnie Barker will forever be remembered as one of the great comic actors.John Major

If somebody asks me whether I'd rather sink the winning putt in the Ryder Cup or win a major, it's the major every day. World championship or Ryder Cup? Win a world championship. At the end of the day you're going to be remembered for what you achieve in an individual sport.Rory McIlroy

When Jackie got his big contract at CBS and was putting together what turned out to be almost a stock company of players, he remembered Frank and said, 'Get me that kid who played the jail sketch.'Audrey Meadows

When I'm dead, I want to be remembered as a musician of some worth and substance.Freddie Mercury

I want to be remembered as a guy who tried his best and did his best.Art Modell

I often remembered also that I had been told, that we shall have as many devils biting us, if we go to hell, as we have unconfessed sins on our consciences.Maria Monk

The lot of critics is to be remembered by what they failed to understand.George Edward Moore

I am still being recognized as Joanie and probably will as long as Happy Days is playing on TV and remembered by Happy Days fans. It has and will always be a pleasure and a honor for me to be a part of it.Erin Moran