religion quotes

Religion is to mysticism what popularization is to science.Henri Bergson

I was little there were times I wanted my parents to be normal. I wanted them to have a religion. I wanted them to have a job, like the parents of every other kid I went to school with.Gael Garcia Bernal

Religious suffering is at once the expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffering. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the sentiment of the heartless world, as it is the soul of soulless condition. It is the opium of the people.John Desmond Bernal

I do engineering, not religion.Daniel J. Bernstein

Science and religion are both the same thing. They're there; they're life. If it's not science, it's not a fact.Chuck Berry

And religion causes most of the problems, war, and economics of course, and study your history or you're going to repeat it; and if you're burning a Harry Potter book you need some serious counseling, you don't get it, you're missing the whole point.Michael Berryman

If your religion is better than mine and your opinion, you have a real problem.Michael Berryman

Modern societies march towards morality in proportion as they leave religion behind.Paul Bert

No philosophy, no religion, has ever brought so glad a message to the world as this good news of Atheism.Annie Besant

India is a country in which every great religion finds a home.Annie Besant

A common religion is not possible for India, but a recognition of a common basis for all religions, and the growth of a liberal, tolerant spirit in religious matters, are possible.Annie Besant

Man is ever searching for the source whence he has come, searching for the life which is upwelling within him, immortal, nay, eternal and divine; and every religion is the answer from the Universal Spirit to the seeking spirits of men that came forth from Him.Annie Besant

The essence of religion is the knowledge of God which is eternal life. That and nothing less than that is religion. Everything else is on the surface, is superfluous save for the needs of men.Annie Besant

Religion. A daughter of Hope and Fear, explaining to Ignorance the nature of the Unknowable.Ambrose Bierce

Mayonnaise: One of the sauces which serve the French in place of a state religion.Ambrose Bierce

Our nation and those of the developed world must offer our own resistance to despot leaders who seek to commit murder on the basis of religion or race.Tim Bishop

A union of government and religion tends to destroy government and degrade religion.Hugo Black

I mean, I went to a church school when I was younger and imbibed a certain amount of religion then but it was really in university that I got interested in religion and politics at the same time. I don't think as if it were one moment of conversion but my spiritual journey really began then.Tony Blair

Prisons are built with stones of Law. Brothels with the bricks of religion.William Blake

What is a wife and what is a harlot? What is a church and what is a theatre? are they two and not one? Can they exist separate? Are not religion and politics the same thing? Brotherhood is religion. O demonstrations of reason dividing families in cruelty and pride!William Blake