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Perfectly Quotes

perfectly quotes

We have shown that Islam can rule the world perfectly for 14 centuries, and during this time of Muslim power we did not borrow ideas like democracy from others, so why do we need to learn democracy from them now?Abu Bakar Bashir

My head is perfectly clean inside.Marc Bolan

One thing that annoys me is when you see women in these terrible and incredible situations with perfectly glossed lips. You're not going to look good in the apocalypse.Sarah Wayne Callies

Maybe I just never learned my harmony part, because what everybody says sounds odd to them sounds perfectly natural to me.Elvis Costello

I like people more undone than made up. Patricia Arquette is the ultimate. She's not anorexic or perfectly tan, she's not trying to be anything but what she is, and that's the most sexy thing.Kirsten Dunst

If everything always went perfectly, I would feel like, When is the ball going to drop? Because good things don't always last. Maybe I'm a pessimistic person. When something just seems too good, I can't believe it.January Jones

I know a lot of celebrities who are perfectly happy to put their name to something and then leave it at that because the money is good, but I need to have complete control over how something is going to look if my name is going to be attached to it.Heidi Klum

If the same phrase in the same place created the right effect, I was perfectly prepared to use it every time. I wasn't worried that I wasn't improvising.Alexis Korner

I'm perfectly healthy.Emmanuel Lewis

The only language men ever speak perfectly is the one they learn in babyhood, when no one can teach them anything!Maria Montessori

Evolutionary theory informs our understanding of some frankly inexcusable social behavior and renders it perfectly normal.Richard K. Morgan

If you are supposed to be villainous and have some sort of agenda, I like the idea of delivering that kind of character in a perfectly well-mannered way.Bill Nighy

It's perfectly reasonable in a coalition between two political parties that you get supporters of those parties you know stressing the things they want to stress.George Osborne

The practice of the law is a perfectly distinct art.Frederick Pollock

It's a perfectly valid position to not like Shakespeare.Ted Rall

The rocket had worked perfectly, and all I had to do was survive the reentry forces. You do it all, in a flight like that, in a rather short period of time, just 16 minutes as a matter of fact.Alan Shepard

If I have to do something, I feel I should do it perfectly, and ofcourse, Hindi language is a problem.Soundarya

To do common things perfectly is far better worth our endeavor than to do uncommon things respectably.Harriet Beecher Stowe

I'm perfectly fine now if I never went on stage again.Tina Turner

It's rare when you have everything going perfectly all at the same time.Sigourney Weaver