music quotes

I'm playin' the music I like.Mose Allison

I'm playin' music for a certain type of person. Fortunately, there are more and more of us. At least there are more comin' to see me than there were 30 years ago or so.Mose Allison

I've heard some tunes in recent years that were pretty close to that same idea. The idea was you turn on the radio and you want to hear some music and up comes a commercial.Mose Allison

I left home the day after I graduated from high school because I knew we weren't going to make any dough to pay the rent in music.Gregg Allman

Because of the wealth of fine music spread through the film, working on it held all the fun and excitement of attending a great concert.June Allyson

The role of Barbara, in Music for Millions, was literally a tonic for me.June Allyson

So, to prepare for the role, I had to take music lessons, talk to wives who had husbands overseas, and carefully study the reactions and mannerisms of a friend who was expecting.June Allyson

I thinks it really interesting how they throw the world music samples in there. I often wonder what it would be like to do something like that, but use my lyrics and my kind of style.Marc Almond

Knowing what I knew about Russia, as much as I loved the music and was fascinated by the songs and the whole idea of it, I knew it would be a very lengthy and frustrating process.Marc Almond

We just kind saw the images and knew the cliches, so to have the opportunity to go there and learn something about Russian music and about Russian people and to see things apart from being a tourist.Marc Almond

I love that period, between the '20s and the '60s. I love doing period pieces, and those eras are my favorite period in time, music wise, and the elegance and the way of being.Laz Alonso

I confess that I listen to my own music for my own pleasure.Herb Alpert

I wake up in the morning, I do a little stretching exercises, pick up the horn and play.Herb Alpert

Instrumental music can spread the international language.Herb Alpert

Selfishly, I make music for me. I like to make music. I like looking for songs. I like working with interesting musicians. I like producing records. It's something I will always do.Herb Alpert

I like to listen to classical music... I like mainline jazz.Herb Alpert

I was taken in by the bravado and the sounds of Mexico... not so much the music, but the spirit.Herb Alpert

This was during a period when I was producing Brazil '66 records and got infected by Brazilian music.Herb Alpert

He has a method that likens the musician to an athlete, so I do physical exercises designed to keep a musician in shape in order to perform the function, which is to play music.Herb Alpert

I always listen to music while I draw.Joseph Altuzarra