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Mistake Quotes

mistake quotes

No mistake is more common and more fatuous than appealing to logic in cases which are beyond her jurisdiction.Samuel Butler

We tend to mistake music for the physical object.David Byrne

I hope that the German people will never again make the mistake of believing that because the American people are peace-loving, they will sit back hoping for peace if any nation uses force or the threat of force to acquire dominion over other peoples and other governments.James F. Byrnes

Let there be no mistake, Hamas is a ruthless terrorist organization.Lois Capps

Through the history of rock n' roll, you see lots of bands making the mistake of putting on the tights when they get to arenas. Don't do that.Patrick Carney

The Bible tries to make humans not animals the whole time. I think it's a bit of a mistake.Neko Case

One must be a god to be able to tell successes from failures without making a mistake.Anton Chekhov

And I do - make no mistake, I am a Christian and I believe in God, and I don't believe he makes mistakes. So I don't believe that being gay is not a sin, and in fact it's how you're made.Kristin Chenoweth

I did some research and tried to pull out some old, classic Van Halen that they had not played in 10 or 15 years. I think that was Sammy's mistake. I he didn't want to do the Dave stuff.Gary Cherone

I think the idea that you can go this alone is - was a huge mistake. And unfortunately, there was a price paid in terms of suffering and pain for people in New Orleans.Michael Chertoff

How, possibly, could the police have made the 'mistake' of charging the wrong man with the notorious Red Light Bandit crimes? That also is something that is fully revealed in the Pandora's Box of facts I have prepared.Caryl Chessman

It is right noble to fight with wickedness and wrong; the mistake is in supposing that spiritual evil can be overcome by physical means.Lydia M. Child

And I think if the president's made a mistake here, it's this laid-back kind of approach where he's waiting for someone else to solve the problem. Some people say it's a political strategy. No matter what it is, it's not effective in solving problems.Chris Christie

You know, parenting is so personal. And we're all afraid that we didn't quite get it right. And it feels like the stakes are so high. By we - what if we made a mistake?Amy Chua

Make no mistake, adolescence is a war. No one gets out unscathed.Harlan Coben

Show me a person who has never made a mistake and I'll show you somebody who has never achieved much.Joan Collins

I had a very bad time with acid. I did that classic thing of looking in the mirror by mistake and seeing the devil. But I took it several times, because you always think that next time you might have the wonderful time that everyone else is having.Robbie Coltrane

It is a mistake to expect good work from expatriates for it is not what they do that matters but what they are not doing.Cyril Connolly

The best mistake I ever made was believing that I was stupid. It was a childhood thing, but it played out big-time as an adult. It scorned me the rest of my life - in a good way.Barbara Corcoran

As it was, I realized choosing the study of Chinese literature as my life's work was probably a mistake.Eric Allin Cornell