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Mind Quotes

mind quotes

My music must reflect whatever's going on in my mind, and my life needs to evolve for me to discover who it is I'm becoming.Shania Twain

I believe that there are many interesting projects that are potentially possible for me other than game music, and therefore in my mind there are several things that are being contemplated.Nobuo Uematsu

A small child from a developing country has the advantage, from a very early age, of having access to toys which structure his mind, which constitute a sure advantage over the little African child who has never even held a modern toy.Abdoulaye Wade

People who lean on logic and philosophy and rational exposition end by starving the best part of the mind.William Butler Yeats

Wonder is that possession of the mind that enchants the emotions while never surrendering reason. It is a grasp on reality that does not need constant high points in order to be maintained, nor is it made vulnerable by the low points of life's struggle.Ravi Zacharias

I always had this childhood image in the back of my mind of this fantastic place where all the things I liked came from; Orson Welles, jazz, all that stuff. Los Angeles is one of those places where somebodies become nobodies and nobodies become somebody.Carlos Ruiz Zafon

In my mind's eye, I visualize how a particular... sight and feeling will appear on a print. If it excites me, there is a good chance it will make a good photograph. It is an intuitive sense, an ability that comes from a lot of practice.Ansel Adams

I have accepted a seat in the House of Representatives, and thereby have consented to my own ruin, to your ruin, and to the ruin of our children. I give you this warning that you may prepare your mind for your fate.John Adams

A contented mind is the greatest blessing a man can enjoy in this world.Joseph Addison

To insure peace of mind ignore the rules and regulations.George Ade

Words are the physicians of a mind diseased.Aeschylus

The smaller the mind the greater the conceit.Aesop

We should look to the mind, and not to the outward appearance.Aesop

My mind is not a bed to be made and re-made.James Agate

I don't mind being goofy and silly. I love to make people laugh and I'm not self-conscious.Malin Akerman

There is nothing evil save that which perverts the mind and shackles the conscience.Saint Ambrose

What cracks me up is people who think I don't take baseball seriously. It's the most important thing in my life. They don't know how hard it is for me to get a bad game out of my mind. I still can't, but I'm getting better.Brady Anderson

I make up my own mind in light of available facts, with my own experience and a sense of personal ethics.Ian Anderson

The need for change bulldozed a road down the center of my mind.Maya Angelou

Like a pianist runs her fingers over the keys, I'll search my mind for what to say. Now, the poem may want you to write it. And then sometimes you see a situation and think, 'I'd like to write about that.' Those are two different ways of being approached by a poem, or approaching a poem.Maya Angelou