men quotes

Men do communicate, often very directly, but women sometimes cannot accept how simple what we have to say is.Chris Abani

The tragedy of modern war is that the young men die fighting each other - instead of their real enemies back home in the capitals.Edward Abbey

Grown men do not need leaders.Edward Abbey

I like men with some belly who are a little over the hill.Victoria Abril

The establishment is made up of little men, very frightened.Bella Abzug

All of the men on my staff can type.Bella Abzug

When the British came to Ibo land, for instance, at the beginning of the 20th century, and defeated the men in pitched battles in different places, and set up their administrations, the men surrendered. And it was the women who led the first revolt.Chinua Achebe

But guys such as Allen and William are more supportive than most men.Kathy Acker

The greatest men, you can quote for everything.John Acton

No man has the right to dictate what other men should perceive, create or produce, but all should be encouraged to reveal themselves, their perceptions and emotions, and to build confidence in the creative spirit.Ansel Adams

Millions of men have lived to fight, build palaces and boundaries, shape destinies and societies; but the compelling force of all times has been the force of originality and creation profoundly affecting the roots of human spirit.Ansel Adams

It is always good men who do the most harm in the world.Henry Adams

The Hebrews have done more to civilize men than any other nation. If I were an atheist, and believed blind eternal fate, I should still believe that fate had ordained the Jews to be the most essential instrument for civilizing the nations.John Adams

Advertising men and politicians are dangerous if they are separated. Together they are diabolical.Phillip Adams

The thinker dies, but his thoughts are beyond the reach of destruction. Men are mortal; but ideas are immortal.Richard Adams

Young men soon give, and soon forget, affronts; old age is slow in both.Joseph Addison

When men are easy in their circumstances, they are naturally enemies to innovations.Joseph Addison

Irregularity and want of method are only supportable in men of great learning or genius, who are often too full to be exact, and therefore they choose to throw down their pearls in heaps before the reader, rather than be at the pains of stringing them.Joseph Addison

Freedom is the emancipation from the arbitrary rule of other men.Mortimer Adler

Men value things in three ways: as useful, as pleasant or sources of pleasure, and as excellent, or as intrinsically admirable or honorable.Mortimer Adler