look quotes

I look at Jerusalem as being a beacon for the three monotheistic religions.King Abdullah II

The gods look in pleasure on penitent sinners.Theodor Adorno

I look a lot like my father and his mother.Sade Adu

Every truth has two sides; it is as well to look at both, before we commit ourselves to either.Aesop

I want to look good when people see me.Christina Aguilera

I was very pushed to look a certain way and act a certain way, and it wasn't me, but I played by their rules to get my foot in the door.Christina Aguilera

I think that when people look at me, and they look at my height and my voice and my coloring, they automatically think, 'Tough.'Jaimie Alexander

What we do is look for high standards of excellence in the arts.Jane Alexander

I look more Indian when I'm serious.Sherman Alexie

Being on Disney, a lot of young people look up to me.Tatyana Ali

Shoot, there's a committee to tell you everything at a record label. You definitely have to know who you are if you want to look like you at the end of the process. We've all seen people get record contracts, and by the time they're spit out by the machine, we don't even recognize them.Gary Allan

I mean, look how many musicians have come through and played beside me, and I'm workin' and they're not.Luther Allison

The Economist is undoubtedly the smartest weekly newsmagazine in the English language. I always look forward to its quirky year-end double issue.Eric Alterman

Trends in circulation and advertising - the rise of the Internet, which has made the daily newspaper look slow and unresponsive; the advent of Craigslist, which is wiping out classified advertising-have created a palpable sense of doom.Eric Alterman

I love wearing my hair curly, but turning the curling iron all the way up creates curls that look really made up and artificial.Camila Alves

When I moved to Seattle, I was hanging out with kids who had done drugs, had sex a million times. I look at them now and realize their childhood was taken away.Jeff Ament

I'm not like a poker player. I'm not into bluff. My way is to look someone in the eye and tell them the way I'm intending to go. My cards are always on the table.Tori Amos

When I got older, I chose to look at Christianity as another myth.Tori Amos

Tree roots hold river banks together and stop the wind blowing soil away, there are many creatures that live in woods and they provide a sense of well-being and look nice.Clive Anderson

The mercy caravans are through there the medicine refugees flowing out. It makes the United States look very bad here. And much more like an occupation force than it did before.Jon Lee Anderson