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I don't write under the ghost of Faulkner. I live in the same town and find his life and work inspiring, but that's it. I have a motorcycle and tool along the country lanes. I travel at my own speed.Barry Hannah

I live in a loft in a building I designed, but for my dream house I'd get Frank Gehry, just to see what he'd do.Hugh Hardy

As far as the live shows go, we're not leapfrogging all the smaller venues. We would have bypassed these kind of shows and gone straight to the Arena shows, but we didn't want to.Dan Hawkins

A lot of people think I live in a soul bubble.Mayer Hawthorne

I'd rather live in Nebraska than Washington.Dave Heineman

When I was 17, I studied at RADA in London for the summer. I wanted to live abroad and to pursue drama, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity. I thought I may as well throw myself in at the deep end. My first big role is in 'Starlet.'Dree Hemingway

Listen, if the people in my district wanted to live in France, they'd move to France.Jeb Hensarling

We live in a world that is full of problems, and we are the solutions to those problems.Julia Butterfly Hill

But whenever I look at the question of how to live, the answer's always staring me in the face. I'm already doing it.Damien Hirst

Not many people come through esophageal cancer and live to talk about it, or not for long.Christopher Hitchens

An organization, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it.Dee Hock

We live in a democracy. We have this extraordinary opportunity to use our mind and say what we think, speak as we think. Sometimes what we say is objectionable to other people. But that is part of a free society.Hal Holbrook

We're actually doing something scripted that's totally, you know, we kind of know what's going on, however, we're having to live life and death as the art.Josh Holloway

To live by one man's will becomes the cause of all misery.Richard Hooker

There are two competing philosophies in 'Wool': one is that people have to live under an iron thumb in order to survive, and the other one is that everyone should live completely freely and happily and everything will sort itself out.Hugh Howey

Live so that you can at least get the benefit of the doubt.Kin Hubbard

Everything we did, we did live - and then Bobby took it home and chopped it up and edited it. Which is pretty much what they did with every jazz record you've ever heard.Charlie Hunter

But someone like Claude Chabrol tries to make a connection between the society in which we live and the social reasons which make monsters out of some people.Isabelle Huppert

I left my country because I was forced to, and I do not think that I am going to lose my language because I live in England.Guillermo Cabrera Infante

My day starts with Radio 4's Today live or 'listen again' wherever I am in the world, thanks to digital radio - I even have an app on my iPhone that receives it.Peter James