live quotes

Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes.Robert Altman

The Canadians have managed to live peacefully with their Indians. It is disgrace that the United States has not done the same.Stephen Ambrose

Custer had dead heroes. Crazy Horse had only live ones.Stephen Ambrose

Trial by jury. Live wherever you can make a living. How could a government based on such principles fail?Stephen Ambrose

I am part of a vast generation of people who perpetually live as if they just graduated from college.Jonathan Ames

To write about a place, you have to live there.Jonathan Ames

I grew up in northern New Jersey - the banlieue of New York - and I now live in Brooklyn. I am separated from my parents by about 50 miles, but really there is almost no distance between us. I speak to them nearly every day.Jonathan Ames

Participation in the blessings of the union with Christ comes when the faithful have all the things needed to live well and blessedly to God.William Ames

I try to stay a civilian, to live as a human, not as a poet.Yehuda Amichai

My poems are political in the deeper sense of the word. Political means to live in your time, to be a man of your time.Yehuda Amichai

When I play live, it's a conversation that we're all having with the song, and the audience... their response and relationship with the songs is as valid as my relationship with the songs.Tori Amos

I came back to do a live concert. Nobody had done that before and I know my managers were worried.Namie Amuro

There is technology where you can watch the match live online and also on TV. If people understood the game, I'm sure we would have a lot of chess fans by now.Viswanathan Anand

I live a very real life.Anastacia

Men would live exceedingly quiet if these two words, mine and thine, were taken away.Anaxagoras

Tree roots hold river banks together and stop the wind blowing soil away, there are many creatures that live in woods and they provide a sense of well-being and look nice.Clive Anderson

When I felt rather overcome with my father's opposition, I said as firmly as I could, that I must have this or something else, that I could not live without some real work.Elizabeth Garrett Anderson

I truly believe that we can overcome any hurdle that lies before us and create the life we want to live. I have seen it happen time and time again.Gillian Anderson

I was always more interested in the ultimate live performance rather than the recording for its own sake. And, for the audience too, that thrill of - just being there.Ian Anderson

There's only one reason we live. It's very simple. To find the creator. That's just my understanding.Jon Anderson