live quotes

It's a privilege to present 'Late Night Live'. No radio program, anywhere on Earth, casts a wider net.Phillip Adams

America's future will be determined by the home and the school. The child becomes largely what he is taught; hence we must watch what we teach, and how we live.Jane Addams

It is always easier to fight for one's principles than to live up to them.Alfred Adler

It is easier to fight for one's principles than to live up to them.Alfred Adler

The purpose of learning is growth, and our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as we continue to live.Mortimer Adler

Not to engage in the pursuit of ideas is to live like ants instead of like men.Mortimer Adler

For a man who no longer has a homeland, writing becomes a place to live.Theodor Adorno

Nobody I represent is pretending to be the pope or a role model for young people. People have to live their lives. They have the right to smoke if they want.Ben Affleck

I am in the process of starting a nonprofit organization that gives rescued animals a home in a simulated wild environment and, for those who have been tested on, who are disabled, aggressive, etc., their own space to live out their days.Casey Affleck

I have a lot of respect for the auto manufacturers. They make a product people live inside - and can die inside - so they are held to very high standards.Shai Agassi

I'm from an island, so I've always been near the water. I don't think I could live somewhere far from the sea.Sigrid Agren

I feel as if I go to Africa, I may never come back. I'm just going to live with the animals and adopt an elephant, and it's going to be my friend.Dianna Agron

What a world we live in. I want to be incredibly close to the heart of it all. To live honestly, truthfully and to be completely present is the ultimate enterprise.Dianna Agron

It's always nerve-wracking when you're hosting 'Saturday Night Live.' You either sink or swim.Christina Aguilera

If you live in the elite world of dance, you find yourself in a world rife with racism. Let's face it.Alvin Ailey

When you live in L.A., it is easy to stay fit, as the weather is amazing.Malin Akerman

In these troubled times we live in, we should remain vigilant and see through populist arguments.King Albert II

I believe that you live on inside the hearts and minds of everyone you've touched while you were here on earth.Mitch Albom

We live in an image society. Speeches are not what anybody cares about; what they care about is the picture.Madeleine Albright

I wouldn't live in California. All that sun makes you sterile.Alan Alda