little quotes

Everything is always a little surreal.Paula Abdul

People put so much effort into starting a relationship and so little effort into ending one.Marina Abramovic

We always project into the future or reflect in the past, but we are so little in the present.Marina Abramovic

'Star Trek' was always a little bit closed emotionally. I never connected to the characters.J. J. Abrams

I like men with some belly who are a little over the hill.Victoria Abril

The establishment is made up of little men, very frightened.Bella Abzug

Part of becoming a little bit older and having the opportunities that I have, you want to start giving back to people who have been influential and helped you along the way.Grant Achatz

To me, every kitchen appliance is useful and nothing's overrated. When I look at my little espresso machine, I don't see coffee. I see a steaming valve as an opportunity to make amazing creme brulee.Grant Achatz

I was a little bit of a cocky kid.Bill Ackman

A little of what you call frippery is very necessary towards looking like the rest of the world.Abigail Adams

If advertising had a little more respect for the public, the public would have a lot more respect for advertising.James Randolph Adams

I had very little confidence in myself as an actress.Maude Adams

A cloudy day or a little sunshine have as great an influence on many constitutions as the most recent blessings or misfortunes.Joseph Addison

I wanted to get us a place of our own with a little bit more space. The kitchen is just huge, because my mom... lives there, man, and she loves being in the kitchen.Freddy Adu

Most of my lyrics are little stories about my experiences or those of my friends.Sade Adu

I think they say that when you're breast feeding, you know, your weight kind of slims down. It's a little easier. It's like a workout within itself. It's very tiring actually and you find yourself snacking more often.Christina Aguilera

I think I probably hoped for it a little bit, but I'm not an optimist. I'm a realist... or maybe even a pessimist.Clay Aiken

I'm attracted to long-legged girls with long arms and a little head.Alvin Ailey

Growing up, I was always in the kitchen. Even in third grade, I made cooking videos called 'The Little Italian.' Very little production value, but it was good.Ippy Aiona

Unfortunately, I like to feel a little stubble when I kiss. Women are too soft.Malin Akerman