life quotes

Life is full of misery, loneliness, and suffering - and it's all over much too soon.Woody Allen

There are worse things in life than death. Have you ever spent an evening with an insurance salesman?Woody Allen

Life is divided into the horrible and the miserable.Woody Allen

We want a world where life is preserved, and the quality of life is enriched for everybody, not only for the privileged.Isabel Allende

My life is about ups and downs, great joys and great losses.Isabel Allende

The first lie of fiction is that the author gives some order to the chaos of life: chronological order, or whatever order the author chooses.Isabel Allende

I've been a story-teller all my life but I realized it only recently.Isabel Allende

It's amazing how coke encompasses everything in your life. Addicts cannot confront life because they only think of their next hit. I ruined life for my parents, my sister and all my friends.Kirstie Alley

You're not going to live your life unscathed.Kirstie Alley

Look for someone who has a complete life without you in it. If you have a person you don't need for anything, that's ideal. You're just together because you really want to be.Kirstie Alley

My demons, inner strengths and physical battles have guided me through life.GG Allin

Death is a very important part of life.GG Allin

I have been an 'Official' all my life, without the least turn for it. I never could attain a true official manner, which is highly artificial and handles trifles with ludicrously disproportionate gravity.William Allingham

It's fun to tease people about where fiction and life intersect.Dorothy Allison

I was born in 1949, and by the time I was 10, I figured out that my hope chest was not aimed in the same direction everybody else's was. And that life was going to be very, very complicated. And that I could either be provocative and declamatory, or shy, retiring and scared.Dorothy Allison

As they say in the bible, that you're supposed to rejoice when people die and mourn when they're born, because it's one of the most painful acts you go through in life, is being born, and dying.Gregg Allman

Yeah, like, when I look back on my life, I just remember back what happened in '74, or something. It seems like only the real good stuff comes to mind. I don't think of all the tragedies and all the funerals. That just doesn't come to mind at all. I guess I'm really blessed that way.Gregg Allman

So many tangles in life are ultimately hopeless that we have no appropriate sword other than laughter.Gordon W. Allport

Because of my life experiences, I understand that I have an opportunity to help other women. I have the desire and the ability.Gloria Allred

When I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania I had a baby in one arm, a diploma in the other and I didn't know where I was going in life.Gloria Allred