interesting quotes

Arnold Schwarzenegger, I don't know if you'd call him a great actor, but he's amazing in terms of his presence, and he is interesting enough that you want to watch him.F. Murray Abraham

You know, James Franco is one of the most interesting figures because he has no rules. He breaks all the borders.Marina Abramovic

To me the interesting main character is never the one without flaws.J. J. Abrams

We are human, and nothing is more interesting to us than humanity.M. H. Abrams

Health, money. That's what people worried about in the 14th century as much as today. I find it so much more interesting than the supposed activities of kings, queens, generals.Peter Ackroyd

Each of my novels has come from a different place, and the processes are not always entirely conscious. I have lived off and on in America for a number of years and so have accumulated observations, found things interesting, been moved to tell stories about them.Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

What's interesting about the U.K. is that it celebrates an alternative voice. It's up for telling new stories.Riz Ahmed

Anyone who tries to write a memoir needs to keep in mind that what's interesting to you isn't necessarily interesting to a reader.Mitch Albom

Evolution is fascinating to watch. To me it is the most interesting when one can observe the evolution of a single man.Shana Alexander

But the real interesting stuff is in the cellar and the attic.Sherman Alexie

I think the best pictures are often on the edges of any situation, I don't find photographing the situation nearly as interesting as photographing the edges.William Albert Allard

Contrast of emotions is definitely something interesting that you like to do as an actor.Alfie Allen

If there are no other wonderful roles that come my way, I have a quite an interesting, dynamic life.Karen Allen

As far as acting in films, there is not much out there that is very interesting to do. The ones that are interesting to me are independent films and they have trouble raising money. With people putting their money into blockbusters, there is not much left for the independents.Karen Allen

I thought, I need to reinvent myself. I want every day of life to be wonderful, fascinating, interesting, creative. And what am I gonna do to make that happen?Karen Allen

The best museums and museum exhibits about science or technology give you the feeling that, hey, this is interesting, but maybe I could do something here, too.Paul Allen

As long as ugly people are not on TV, you should only ever have interesting people on TV.Marc Almond

There's something interesting about playing live; you're in the moment, and I think it would be beneficial.Herb Alpert

And it's interesting, when you look at the predictions made during the peak of the boom in the 1990s, about e-commerce, or internet traffic, or broadband adoption, or internet advertising, they were all right - they were just wrong in time.Chris Anderson

Schoolchildren and older people like the idea of planting trees. For children, it's interesting that an acorn will grow into an oak, and for older people it's a legacy. And the act of planting a tree is not that difficult.Clive Anderson