important thing quotes

I watch a film and the most important thing to me is what I think of the movie.Clive Owen

The important thing to remember with the Internet is that there are large companies that have an interest in controlling how information flows in it. They're very effective at lobbying Congress, and that pattern has locked down other communication media in the past. And it will happen again unless we do something about it.Eli Pariser

I think the most important thing is you have to learn to love auditioning, which I have definitely learned to love. It's going to be a huge part of your career, even if you're right at the top. You're still going to have to audition sometimes, and if you don't learn to love that, that's such a big part of what you're job's going to be.Megan Park

I hope to have communion with the people, that is the most important thing.Pope John Paul II

What I say is, national defense is the most important thing we do in Washington, but there's still waste in the military budget.Rand Paul

The most important thing to do is really listen.Itzhak Perlman

Probably the single most important thing about the Nobel Prize for most people is whether they get the coveted parking space on campus.Saul Perlmutter

I think the most important thing I work on is just my mental approach to every day, my mental approach to the game. How to come in each and every day focused, doing what I want to do, I think that's just the biggest issue.Paul Pierce

That's the most important thing to me - that if I'm gonna spend however long it takes to make a movie, give up 14 hours a day for however many weeks or months, then it's very important for me to know that I'm working with people who I respect and enjoy and that we're going for something together.Brad Pitt

The important thing about outsourcing or global sourcing is that it becomes a very powerful tool to leverage talent, improve productivity and reduce work cycles.Azim Premji

The most important thing for me is to really buy the best ingredient.Wolfgang Puck

To make a rock'n'roll record, technology is the least important thing.Keith Richards

The most important thing for Quentin and the most important thing for me is to make the best film possible.Robert Richardson

For me, the most important thing I learned was just honing my eye. I think I had a good eye.Herb Ritts

I think the most important thing is to have fun, and not to take things too seriously. Once you start doing that, then you'll start to crumble.Alexandra Roach

When you have a lot of resources, the most important thing is to have had good parents and to have been brought up by people who gave one the proper values.David Rockefeller

The most important thing for a young man is to establish a credit... a reputation, character.John D. Rockefeller

Learning is the most important thing, no mater how you do it, or where you do it, or who you do it with.Saoirse Ronan

I want to score in every game and win things. That's the most important thing.Wayne Rooney

The most important thing for me was to never, ever, ever deny it. But I didn't really have the courage to talk about it. I was thinking, The people who need to know I'm gay know.Portia de Rossi