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Grew Quotes

grew quotes

I grew up on films.Sam Rockwell

I grew up in the era of the concept album. What I do now is pick up on singles, and they are their own complete stories; you don't necessarily have to hear the rest of the album because I don't think albums are created like that anymore. They get songs from all over the place.Nile Rodgers

When I grew up, you needed to have straight hair. It's symbolic of needing to be like everyone else, needing to look like everyone else. And what that meant was looking like the dominant ruling class in America.Anne Roiphe

I've always wanted to act and I grew up a little on film sets when my dad was working as an actor.Saoirse Ronan

It's tough growing up where I grew up. My family is very small and really tight. Just being around the neighborhood, my brothers were always around. I didn't want to be in any trouble because I knew my mom or brothers would find out. I didn't want to hurt their feelings. I just tried to do everything right.Derrick Rose

I grew up in a working-class Israeli family, which was feminist only in its female-dominated structure.Hanna Rosin

I live on the same block where I grew up. We belong to the same parish where I was baptized. Janesville is that kind of place.Paul Ryan

My friends in Australia, they grew up with me acting, so they're used to it.Kodi Smit-McPhee

I grew up with injustice and could do nothing about it. But once in America, I had freedom of choice.Zainab Salbi

People wrote me off, but I believed in myself. I got the confidence back, and it grew and grew. I won my first major and my last at the place that changed my life.Pete Sampras

I grew up in a Jewish family, and we have raised our children in a Jewish tradition. Religion gives a framework for moral enquiry in young minds and points us to questions beyond the material.Michael Sandel

I was a very quiet, shy child. I grew up in a small town, Louisville, Kentucky, and there weren't too many Hawaiian-Filipino girls, so I stuck out like a sore thumb. I didn't look like everyone else and didn't feel I belonged... But these things only build character and make you stronger. It taught me to grow into the woman I was to become.Nicole Scherzinger

You know, I grew up watching all kinds of films. So, as an adult, I wanted to be involved in all kinds of plays and television and film.David Schwimmer

I grew up, probably like a lot of people, on cartoons. And I never thought I would have the chance to be in an animated movie. It's good also to show the world my sweet side with them.Seann William Scott

You know, I grew up with brothers so I'm used to being the only girl.Kyra Sedgwick

I grew up in Brentwood, but I live now in Los Feliz. I grew up on the beach, now I live under the Hollywood sign.Adam Shankman

No matter what you study, the thing that you know best is what you grew up with.Maria Sharapova

I grew up in the 1950s and '60s, when it was almost a holiday when a black act would go on Ed Sullivan.Al Sharpton

I grew up. I began to think the United States had some problems that really required the help of artistic people to solve. And I gave myself permission to be a writer instead of a civil servant.Wallace Shawn

I grew up feeling like the ugly duckling, and things have not changed that much.Nicollette Sheridan