greatest gift quotes

Love's greatest gift is its ability to make everything it touches sacred.Barbara de Angelis

Books! I dunno if I ever told you this, but books are the greatest gift one person can give another.Bono

I consider my girls the greatest gift from God in life. And I also love the career that I have built, lost and rebuilt. But the highs and lows of my career would not have been as exciting or manageable to me if I didn't have children and a partner for life with whom to share it all.Mika Brzezinski

I'm constantly learning, and that is the greatest gift of life in my opinion - to always be learning and growing.Kristin Chenoweth

I was raised, myself, by extremely strict but also extremely loving Chinese immigrant parents. To this day, I believe that their having high expectations for me, coupled with love, was the greatest gift that anyone's ever given me. And so that's why, even though my husband is not Chinese, I try to raise my own two daughters the same way.Amy Chua

I kind of - I like my life; I feel I have lots of opportunities. And my parents actually having had such high expectations for me - I would say it's the greatest gift that anyone has ever given me. I complained a lot when I was little, but that's how I feel now. And that's why I tried to do the same with my two daughters.Amy Chua

In playing, I suppose my greatest gift was to express the way I felt or the willingness to express myself.Eric Clapton

The greatest gift is our own eyes, sense of smell, and abilities to deduce.Patricia Cornwell

The greatest gift that you can give yourself is a little bit of your own attention.Anthony J. D'Angelo

The greatest gift that Oxford gives her sons is, I truly believe, a genial irreverence toward learning, and from that irreverence love may spring.Robertson Davies

The greatest gift is not being afraid to question.Ruby Dee

Here's what I tell anybody and this is what I believe. The greatest gift we have is the gift of life. We understand that. That comes from our Creator. We're given a body. Now you may not like it, but you can maximize that body the best it can be maximized.Mike Ditka

The greatest gift is a portion of thyself.Ralph Waldo Emerson

It's okay to fail 'cause there's no failure, you're just informing the richness of your experience, and that's - that's the greatest gift you can possibly give yourself.Ben Foster

A dog is the greatest gift a parent can give a child. OK, a good education, then a dog.John Grogan

The greatest gift is a passion for reading. It is cheap, it consoles, it distracts, it excites, it gives you knowledge of the world and experience of a wide kind. It is a moral illumination.Elizabeth Hardwick

When I meet young girls, I'm always like, 'Just do me one favour. Love what you look like right now - and remember I said it 10 years from now because it's the greatest gift I can give.'Jennifer Love Hewitt

Tobacco is America's greatest gift to the world!David Hockney

The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.Hubert H. Humphrey

The people of the United States don't recognize it, but the oil industry has given the greatest gift to the people of the nation, and that gift is the low cost of energy. Bottom line is this enables the country to be very competitive manufacturing-wise and in the world economy.Ray Lee Hunt