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Gentleman Quotes

gentleman quotes

I was always the Southern gentleman.Lance Bass

Candor is a proof of both a just frame of mind, and of a good tone of breeding. It is a quality that belongs equally to the honest man and to the gentleman.James F. Cooper

In the western part of England lived a gentleman of large fortune, whose name was Merton.Thomas Day

I can make a lord, but only God can make a gentleman.King James I

When we saw our plane on TV as breaking news, it was the most surreal experience. A lot of the women were crying. There was a gentleman who was writing in his journal and crying. Seeing that isn't easy.Taryn Manning

I was brought up to be a gentleman. That means you know how to walk, talk and dress the part.Brian McKnight

Hollywood does not write parts for people like me, an elderly gentleman, and when they find out you're crippled, forget about it. No, I'll never work again.Ricardo Montalban

I could I trust starve like a gentleman. It's listed as part of the poetic training, you know.Ezra Pound

A gentleman is one who puts more into the world than he takes out.George Bernard Shaw

I find it sad that by not talking about who I sleep with, that makes me mysterious. There was a time when I would have been called a gentleman.Kevin Spacey

I don't know what I'll be like when I'm 60. I already have the traits of a retired gentleman.David Walliams

Good evening, ladies and gentleman. My name is Orson Welles. I am an actor. I am a writer. I am a producer. I am a director. I am a magician. I appear onstage and on the radio. Why are there so many of me and so few of you?Orson Welles

The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid.Jane Austen

The more you act like a lady, the more he'll act like a gentleman.Sydney Biddle Barrows

I used to be with a publishing house called Roosevelt Music. A gentleman there told me he had seen Peggy Lee perform Fever in Las Vegas and I found out later she wanted to record it.Otis Blackwell

His locked, lettered, braw brass collar, Shewed him the gentleman and scholar.Robert Burns

If we must have a tyrant, let him at least be a gentleman who has been bred to the business, and let us fall by the axe and not by the butcher's cleaver.Lord Byron

A gentleman never talks about his tailor.Nick Cave

The minute you try to talk business with him he takes the attitude that he is a gentleman and a scholar, and the moment you try to approach him on the level of his moral integrity he starts to talk business.Raymond Chandler

Profaneness is a brutal vice. He who indulges in it is no gentleman.Edwin Hubbel Chapin