genius quotes

Anybody can put things together that belong together. to put things together that don't go together, and make it work, that takes genius like Mozart's. Yet he is presented in the play Amadeus as a kind of silly boy whom the gods loved.Lukas Foss

To understand Mozart's contradictory qualities would indeed be to understand genius.Lukas Foss

One of the strongest characteristics of genius is the power of lighting its own fire.John W. Foster

Genius without education is like silver in the mine.Benjamin Franklin

If a professional musician in a symphony orchestra is playing Beethoven. But this particular orchestra have played this particular chestnut so many times, they can play it in their sleep. Does the genius remain present in the music or not?Robert Fripp

The especial genius of women I believe to be electrical in movement, intuitive in function, spiritual in tendency.Margaret Fuller

Everyone is born a genius, but the process of living de-geniuses them.R. Buckminster Fuller

I'm not a genius. I'm just a tremendous bundle of experience.R. Buckminster Fuller

We have to work harder to develop a profound theology of women within the church. The feminine genius is needed wherever we make important decisions.Pope Francis I

One of my top 10 favorite movies of all time was 'South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.' 'Team America' is a work of genius to me.Josh Gad

You don't have to be a political genius to sniff the smell of blood in the water.Rich Galen

God and Nature first made us what we are, and then out of our own created genius we make ourselves what we want to be. Follow always that great law. Let the sky and God be our limit and Eternity our measurement.Marcus Garvey

Better beware of notions like genius and inspiration; they are a sort of magic wand and should be used sparingly by anybody who wants to see things clearly.Jose Ortega y Gasset

Upper berth, lower berth, that's the difference between talent and genius.George Gershwin

Conversation enriches the understanding, but solitude is the school of genius.Edward Gibbon

My own experience is that a certain kind of genius among students is best brought out in bed.Allen Ginsberg

The genius of the economic machine is in its ability to convert these indulgences into profitability. It converts desire into attention, a grip on our eyeballs and eardrums, which in turn can be marketed to advertisers.Todd Gitlin

A science is any discipline in which the fool of this generation can go beyond the point reached by the genius of the last generation.Max Gluckman

Learning is the ally, not the adversary of genius... he who reads in a proper spirit, can scarcely read too much.William Godwin

Common sense is the genius of humanity.Johann Wolfgang von Goethe