friendship quotes

Friendship, like the immortality of the soul, is too good to be believed.Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is not so much our friends' help that helps us, as the confidence of their help.Epicurus

Of all the things which wisdom provides to make us entirely happy, much the greatest is the possession of friendship.Epicurus

Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness.Euripides

Life has no blessing like a prudent friend.Euripides

Friendship is the golden thread that ties the heart of all the world.John Evelyn

One measure of friendship consists not in the number of things friends can discuss, but in the number of things they need no longer mention.Clifton Paul Fadiman

I think quite a lot of people have a friendship or a love that's gone like that and it never quite reconciles properly.Tim Finn

The two most misused words in the entire English vocabulary are love and friendship. A true friend would die for you, so when you start trying to count them on one hand, you don't need any fingers.Larry Flynt

Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer.Jean de La Fontaine

Friendship is the shadow of the evening, which increases with the setting sun of life.Jean de La Fontaine

My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.Henry Ford

One of the great things personally coming to Hawai'i is my friendship of Jim Nicholson.Dan Fouts

On one side, citizens have great respect for the United States; they have a great feeling of friendship. That is solid. But in the opposition and in the political arena I often find criticism of the closeness of relations with the United States. That is a reality.Vicente Fox

If one of two lovers is loyal, and the other jealous and false, how may their friendship last, for Love is slain!Marie de France

Be slow in choosing a friend, slower in changing.Benjamin Franklin

Why do we go around acting as though everything was friendship and reliability when basically everything everywhere is full of sudden hate and ugliness?Anna Freud

For me my friendship with Omar Rodriguez from Mars Volta that friendship really means a lot to me because he's another creative person who works as hard as I do.John Frusciante

If you have one true friend you have more than your share.Thomas Fuller

In the name of the United States and President Bush, I want to thank the Mexican people, President Fox and his government for their friendship.Tony Garza