friends quotes

Can you imagine Simon as a kid? His imaginary friends probably never wanted to play with him.Paula Abdul

I will always be open to receive my friends. I will not force myself on them.Ralph Abernathy

I've had the same friends since I was in kindergarten.J. J. Abrams

My only friends were boys, and I was just one more of them.Victoria Abril

Like most of my friends in school, I was a member of multiple circulating libraries; and all of us, to begin with, borrowed and read the same things.Aravind Adiga

Most of my lyrics are little stories about my experiences or those of my friends.Sade Adu

I have friends who remember seeing fish hauled onto a boat's deck and beaten to death.Casey Affleck

And the thing about me is, I have a lot of mellow songs, because they're the easiest for me to write. I wanted to try to make some more upbeat songs, so, I ended up gravitating toward writing songs with friends, which was a great learning process, and also we came up with great songs. Those are the songs that came out the most naturally.Priscilla Ahn

I am just like 99% of my friends in France, who say on their resume they can speak fluent English. In reality, they can't even count up to three.Greg Akcelrod

I think Kandinsky and I were very near friends.Josef Albers

I hate 'foodie' because it's cute, like pretty much all diminutives associated with eating. 'Veggies,' 'sammies,' 'parm.' I eat food, and I cook it: it's for eating, preferably with friends, and I don't make a fetish out of it.Steve Albini

Good books, like good friends, are few and chosen; the more select, the more enjoyable.Louisa May Alcott

I lived in England to learn English. When I went to England for the first time, it was like being on the Moon. I had no friends, I couldn't speak the language. I was very isolated.Jean Alesi

When I was training, I trained with my younger brother Brady. I would wrestle some of my friends, who I had grown up with, which showed me some moves, but it was never a full on match. When I went to competitions, there were other girls, so I always wrestled girls.Jaimie Alexander

Shakespeare, Dickens, Mark Twain, and so many others were my dearest friends and greatest teachers.Lloyd Alexander

You know when everyone's watching, your mom and dad, your friends in high school who thought they were better than you. You get your chance to get in the spotlight and shine.Shaun Alexander

You can make more friends in a month by being interested in them than in ten years by trying to get them interested in you.Charles Mengel Allen

My wife gets mad at me, because I'll worry more about my friends than I worry about myself.Kris Allen

'Favoritism' is always a factor, and pressure always build for the appointment of friends of influential supporters of the President, or for the nominees of powerful Member of Congress from the incoming President's party.Richard V. Allen

Certainly, the Bush Administration will rely in the first instance on its friends, since it would be both illogical and counterproductive to reward its adversaries.Richard V. Allen