force quotes

I will always be open to receive my friends. I will not force myself on them.Ralph Abernathy

The one pervading evil of democracy is the tyranny of the majority, or rather of that party, not always the majority, that succeeds, by force or fraud, in carrying elections.Lord Acton

At an early age, I quit high school at 17 and joined the Air Force.Sandy Adams

Justice is an unassailable fortress, built on the brow of a mountain which cannot be overthrown by the violence of torrents, nor demolished by the force of armies.Joseph Addison

Admitting the force of these contentions, nevertheless, the custom of meeting together in public assembly for the consideration of the most serious, the most exalted topics of human interest is too vitally precious to be lost.Felix Adler

Persuasion is often more effectual than force.Aesop

I just feel like sometimes I'm a force to be dealt with. My talents are sometimes overused and also sometimes underused. It's not easy being me.Ben Affleck

Painting contains a divine force which... makes the dead seem almost alive.Leon Battista Alberti

I was the first Navy, Marine or Air Force person who had been an astronaut to return back to the Air Force. I had certain expectations about what would be a reasonable and desirable position to be assigned to after my years of service.Buzz Aldrin

Intellectuals, academics, writers and poets were an important force in the early groups of volunteers. They had the means to get to Spain and were accustomed to travelling, whereas very few workers had left British shores.Bill Alexander

The character and fight against fascism moved centre stage when, in 1936, Franco attempted to overthrow by force the Popular Front Government of Republican Spain.Bill Alexander

Character is always my driving force. And to tell a good story and to provide an entertaining read.Monica Ali

Sometimes life has a way of putting us on our backs to force us to look up.Charles L. Allen

The idea of reasoning with terrorists without force or with appeasement is naive, and I think it's dangerous.George Allen

Brains, integrity, and force may be all very well, but what you need today is Charm. Go ahead and work on your economic programs if you want to, I'll develop my radio personality.Gracie Allen

Bringing democratic control to the conduct of foreign policy requires a struggle merely to force the issue onto the public agenda.Eric Alterman

Ironically, tendency to ignore inconvenient facts and unwelcome evidence is actually President Reagan's true legacy, as I noted in 'The Nation' back in 2000, before the current right-wing mania for President Reagan gained its full force.Eric Alterman

There are more people at Obama's table offering ideas than there were five years ago, but when it came to facing up to the Republicans' threat to force a double-dip recession if they didn't get their millionaires' tax cut, they still amounted to nothing. And therein lies our fundamental problem.Eric Alterman

History shows that where ethics and economics come in conflict, victory is always with economics. Vested interests have never been known to have willingly divested themselves unless there was sufficient force to compel them.B. R. Ambedkar

Three Royal Air Force aeroplanes have come over to us so far with their arms and equipment.John Amery