fear quotes

When I like someone a lot, I get scared that I'll let them down. My fear of sucking is worst when I feel like someone thinks I'm good.Casey Affleck

We fear the thing we want the most.Robert Anthony

Men are swayed more by fear than by reverence.Aristotle

What I needed most was to love and to be loved, eager to be caught. Happily I wrapped those painful bonds around me; and sure enough, I would be lashed with the red-hot pokers or jealousy, by suspicions and fear, by burst of anger and quarrels.Saint Augustine

Don't shame the young for releasing their pent-up fear.Julianna Baggott

Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.James A. Baldwin

If you take your fear and mash it into something that's actually useful, then it doesn't feel like it wins.Sara Bareilles

This filing spike is a result of bad information being pushed on people, and then they file for bankruptcy out of fear.Steve Bartlett

My greatest fear is flying. And I do a lot of flying, so that's a bummer.Kylie Bax

We all live in fear of cancer, but to be told you have skin cancer was terrifying.Stephanie Beacham

I hasten to laugh at everything, for fear of being obliged to weep.Pierre Beaumarchais

Anger elicits anger, fear elicits fear, no matter how well meaning we may be.Martha Beck

Have four things going. I have stand-up comedy, two television shows and I'm working on a play. I like to work, and I fear that something could fall through. You know what they say: 'The show must go off.'Joy Behar

If we love God, do His will, and fear His judgment more than men's, we will have self-esteem.Ezra Taft Benson

My whole life I've had the fear that I was going to be abandoned.Halle Berry

The soul grows by reincarnation in bodies provided by nature, more complex, more powerful, as the soul unfolds greater and greater faculties. And so the soul climbs upward into the light eternal. And there is no fear for any child of man, for inevitably he climbs towards God.Annie Besant

Although I am deeply grateful to a great many people, I forgo the temptation of naming them for fear that I might slight any by omission.Theodore Bikel

The thinner the ice, the more anxious is everyone to see whether it will bear.Josh Billings

At the time, 1980, people regarded actresses involved with production with a certain amount of fear, resentment and anger.Jacqueline Bisset

I believe that fear of life brings a greater fear of death.David Blaine