education quotes

Learning, n. The kind of ignorance distinguishing the studious.Ambrose Bierce

Research has shown time and time again that infants who receive the high-quality child care and early education programs do better in school, have more developed social skills, and display fewer behavior problems.Judy Biggert

Maybe it's a tired tale, but without an education, you're not going to go anywhere.H. G. Bissinger

Salsa, classic rock, soul music, jazz... all of that was a part of my education in making hip-hop music.Aloe Blacc

Our school education ignores, in a thousand ways, the rules of healthy development.Elizabeth Blackwell

Health care is not a privilege. It's a right. It's a right as fundamental as civil rights. It's a right as fundamental as giving every child a chance to get a public education.Rod Blagojevich

I know each fund has its supporters, and that some will not want to see the surplus go to schools. But, in tough times, you have to set priorities. And our priority is education.Rod Blagojevich

I think it is important for children to read different things to find out about their emotions and other people's emotions. It is an enormous source of education and culture.Quentin Blake

I had never done anything with blue screen before, or prosthetics, or anything like that. Lord of the Rings was like stepping into a videogame for me. It was another world completely. But, to be honest, I basically did it so that I could have the ears. I thought they would really work with my bare head.Working with Martin Scorsese was an absolute minute-by-minute education without him ever being grandiose about it.Cate Blanchett

When I was a child I didn't care about getting an education, and I didn't finish high school.Mary J. Blige

I am sure my fellow-scientists will agree with me if I say that whatever we were able to achieve in our later years had its origin in the experiences of our youth and in the hopes and wishes which were formed before and during our time as students.Felix Bloch

Education is the movement from darkness to light.Allan Bloom

Education in our times must try to find whatever there is in students that might yearn for completion, and to reconstruct the learning that would enable them autonomously to seek that completion.Allan Bloom

Even on education, his one accomplishment, the Leave No Child Behind Act, and he has left it unfunded.Sidney Blumenthal

Public education is an investment in our future.Matt Blunt

We stand in the shadow of Jefferson who believed that a society founded upon the rule of law and liberty was dependent upon public education and the diffusion of knowledge.Matt Blunt

Education is that whole system of human training within and without the school house walls, which molds and develops men.W. E. B. Du Bois

If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.Derek Bok

Critics of American colleges typically attribute the failings of undergraduate education to a tendency on the part of professors to neglect their teaching to concentrate on research. In fact, the evidence does not support this thesis, except perhaps in major research universities.Derek Bok

Despite the hours spent debating different models of general education, the choices faculties make rarely lead to any significant difference in the cognitive development of undergraduates.Derek Bok