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I didn't have evil intentions, but I guess I did have power.Harmon Killebrew

I did not have any delusions of grandeur as a kid.Jimmy Kimmel

If they asked me, I did two shifts. I did sports, I did news, because I loved it.Larry King

I stayed on my own path and did not follow the herd. I made a way for myself.Eartha Kitt

I did every sport under the sun while growing up.Karlie Kloss

I did everything by the seat of my pants. That's why I got hurt so much.Evel Knievel

People pay a million dollars to be recognized, but nobody cares about them. They cared about me because I did things other men were afraid to do. That's why my fans identified with me.Evel Knievel

The only dancing I did was at the discotheques. I was a very good disco dancer. I say that I learned disco dancing at the wrong places.David H. Koch

If you listen to Giuliani, it's like nobody did anything to improve the city except him. I'm not part of the history. Bloomberg's not part of the history. It's like, he did it. He's the only one. That's why he's a little crazy.Ed Koch

I still forgive him, because by doing what he did, he made it famous.Alberto Korda

I've just done a commercial in the U.S. in which I talk about stocks, shares and bonds. Everyone is amazed. They ask me: 'You really know about that stuff or did you just learn it for the commercial?' I tell them I wouldn't do it unless I understood and had an interest.Anna Kournikova

My father was a very good golfer and he got me started early. My grandfather played, too. It was just something that the Kroft family did. I kind of grew up on the golf course.Steve Kroft

You know, one of the only times I ever wrote about art was the obituary of Warhol that I did for the Village Voice.Barbara Kruger

I maybe missed money in my childhood, but I didn't miss love, that's for sure. My dad wasn't there, but I can tell you not even once did I think I was missing something.Olga Kurylenko

What I've become good at is bringing things that aren't necessarily mainstream to the mainstream. What I did see on Twitter was a potential for mass publication; it's a mainstream consumer broadcasting device. It transforms customers and companies. You have to be transparent or you fail.Ashton Kutcher

I've spent more on my Dodger tickets that I did on my car.Shia LaBeouf

We did this two-week boot camp before we filmed the movie. I got to know everybody in the group and we became friends. We got really tight throughout those two weeks.Shia LaBeouf

You know, if it weren't for these fans, I wouldn't have gotten as far as I did.Adam Lambert

Acting goes back a little ways for me. I supposed I started with theater growing up. It was mainly a social outlet and it was just kind of something I did for fun. I met a lot of good friends through it, so it really kept me involved.David Lambert

Once you really get into a song, other than just listening to it, it forces you to go 'oh, they did this. I never would have thought of doing that,' when you deconstruct it. It's something you really can't do sometimes when you're just listening to a song. You have to really get into it.Greg Laswell