communication quotes

Words and pictures can work together to communicate more powerfully than either alone.William Albert Allard

It is vital that the United States maintains open lines of communication with our allies. We must assure them of our commitment to eradicating global terrorism wherever it may reside or wherever it's given haven.George Allen

Pure truth cannot be assimilated by the crowd; it must be communicated by contagion.Henri Frederic Amiel

I'm talking to you and it's basically a direct communication, whereas if I'm writing a letter to you and you read the letter, there are like 12 extra deconstruction and reconstruction steps in the communication.Kevin J. Anderson

And once you get instantaneous communication with everybody, you have economic activity that's far more advanced, far more liquid, far more distributed than ever before.Marc Andreessen

Yes, it must be something that goes very well with my voice, let's say something that I understand that this would be good communication with the others, and I don't pretend for instance, to look for music that would be something that doesn't go with my personality.Victoria de los Angeles

Writing and cookery are just two different means of communication.Maya Angelou

Communication is very important. And the arts do that, whether it's film or theater.Anne Archer

Poetry is simply the most beautiful, impressive, and widely effective mode of saying things.Matthew Arnold

Journalism is literature in a hurry.Matthew Arnold

That said, the question remains: how to strike the balance between free speech and mutual respect in this mixed-up world, both blessed and cursed with instant communication? We should not fight fire with fire, threats with threats.Timothy Garton Ash

Communications technology changes possibilities for communication, but that doesn't mean it changes the inherited structure of the brain. So you may think that you're addicted to online reading, but as soon as it isn't available anymore, your brain will pretty immediately adjust to other forms of reading. It's a habit like all habits.Margaret Atwood

I wasn't rebellious. Other friends had far stricter parents and where there wasn't a relationship of respect and communication, they were usually the opposite; kids go to the other extreme.Randa Abdel-Fattah

What does music mean to me? I don't think I would really be much without it, without it coming through me. It's my means of communication, my means of growth, my means of transportation from one point in my life to another.Erykah Badu

Sometimes there is a greater lack of communication in facile talking than in silence.Faith Baldwin

Evil communication corrupts good manners. I hope to live to hear that good communication corrects bad manners.Benjamin Banneker

After all, it's the future of business communication that we're looking toward.Jim Barksdale

The Internet is the most important single development in the history of human communication since the invention of call waiting.Dave Barry

Language commonly stresses only one side of any interaction.Gregory Bateson

We live in a world of communication - everyone gets information about everyone else. There is universal comparison and you don't just compare yourself with the people next door, you compare yourself to people all over the world and with what is being presented as the decent, proper and dignified life. It's the crime of humiliation.Zygmunt Bauman