business quotes

The mercantile business did not suit me.John James Audubon

A revised schedule is to business what a new season is to an athlete or a new canvas to an artist.Norman Ralph Augustine

Decreased business base increases overhead. So does increased business base.Norman Ralph Augustine

In fact, even the perception of a resurgence in crime can be enough to paralyze business momentum and destroy the sense of security that a vibrant and progressive city requires.Alan Autry

The music we made then was so amateurish, compared to the rest of mainstream pop or rock and roll. But what differentiated us from what everybody else was doing in the business was the fact that you could tell that these people came from different reference areas.Kevin Ayers

I'm celebrating my 40th year in show business this year.Roy Ayers

The entertainment business is not the be-all and end-all for me.Dan Aykroyd

Just watching Jack Lemmon made me want to get into this business.Hank Azaria

Since the traditional recorded-music business models have drastically changed, there is truly diminished income derived from recorded music by artists - both current and catalog. The touring industry has become much more important as a majority revenue stream and the ancillary fan experiences and promotions that may be derived from it.Irving Azoff

The Postal Service's unmatched ability to reach every household and business in America six days a week is a vital part of the nation's infrastructure.Joe Baca

I don't want to do business with those who don't make a profit, because they can't give the best service.Richard Bach

The government has no business telling an individual what kind of light bulb to buy.Michele Bachmann

Young people are fitter to invent than to judge; fitter for execution than for counsel; and more fit for new projects than for settled business.Francis Bacon

The business that people do in LA on the social level is amazing. You go to a restaurant, bump into this guy or that guy. The next day you get a call, and they want you in their movie.Kevin Bacon

I believe it is an important project, it makes the cost of doing business lower and they will make us more competitive at the same time, it will also provide some satisfaction to the people who demand services for them of the quality they want and also quickly.Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

So long as war is the main business of nations, temporary despotism - despotism during the campaign - is indispensable.Walter Bagehot

People do care where their food, or other goods, comes from, not merely if the price is right. And that means no business can afford to ignore the impacts their buying practices have on producers and on the perceptions and choices of consumers.Julian Baggini

I have always been attracted to the cottage industry side of this business.Derek Bailey

I was well aware of the fact that once you appeared in Doctor Who as something else, you were ruled out for the part of the Doctor: that was a kind of well known thing in the business.Colin Baker

I have never had a great love of the music business, I never have.Ginger Baker