born quotes

Around 20 million premature and low-birth weight babies are born every year and are at high risk of death or disability because of hypothermia.Jane Chen

I'm probably a little more like my dad. But because of my mom, I never saw being a woman as being an impediment to being able to do something. She had her Ph.D. before I was born.Mary Cheney

I was born in high heels and I've worn them ever since.Helena Christensen

I was born in a very small town in North Dakota, a town of only about 350 people. I lived there until I was 13. It was a marvelous advantage to grow up in a small town where you knew everybody.Warren Christopher

Man is born to eat.Craig Claiborne

You are not born for fame if you don't know the value of time.Luc de Clapiers

Everyone is born sincere and die deceivers.Luc de Clapiers

New Orleans. Born and raised. I lived there until I was 19.Patricia Clarkson

Being born with a pair of beady eyes was the best thing that ever happened to me.Lee Van Cleef

Being a parent is not for the faint of heart. I may joke about knowing fear, but the fact is, the first time I ever knew real fear was the day Charlotte, my first child, was born. Suddenly there is someone in the world you care about more than anything.Harlan Coben

I've been gay since the day I was born.Andy Cohen

Conservatives were sure that if you eliminated welfare for single moms, it would eliminate - or at lease greatly reduce - single motherhood. So in 1996 we had welfare reform. Did not change the trend in the least. Soon half of all babies will be born out of wedlock.Gail Collins

The problem with beauty is that it's like being born rich and getting poorer.Joan Collins

I'm from the US of A. Born in Des Moines, raised in the New York suburbs.Stephen Collins

It's like every day I'm born anew, without Jesus.Rob Corddry

Most of the reason I work out now is not for the external - it's for how I feel. I find working out gives me more energy. I started eight days after he was born.Cindy Crawford

I'm just observing the world. I was born into it, like you were, and then I found out there were some really disturbing aspects to being alive, like the fact that you weren't going to be alive forever - that bothered me.David Cronenberg

I wasn't born into land or titles, or new money, or an oil rig.Benedict Cumberbatch

Upper class to me means you are either born into wealth or you're Royalty.Benedict Cumberbatch

We who were born were not witnesses to our birth: like death, it is something we are forever after trying to catch sight of.Rachel Cusk