We can continue to try and clean up the gutters all over the world and spend all of our resources looking at just the dirty spots and trying to make them clean. Or we can lift our eyes up and look into the skies and move forward in an evolutionary way.
Buzz Aldrin


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Spanish: Podemos continuar para tratar de limpiar los canalones en todo el mundo y gastar todos nuestros recursos mirando sólo las manchas sucias y tratando de hacer su limpieza. O podemos levantar nuestros ojos y mirar hacia el cielo y avanzar en forma evolutiva.

Mandarin Chinese: 我们可以继续尝试和清理排水沟遍布世界各地,并把所有的资源看着眼前的脏点,并试图使他们干净。或者我们可以昂首望着起来,直视天空,向前迈进的一种进化方式。

Portuguese: Podemos continuar a tentar limpar as calhas em todo o mundo e passar todos os nossos recursos olhando apenas os pontos sujos e tentar fazê-los limpos. Ou podemos erguer os olhos e olhar para o céu e avançar de forma evolutiva.

Italian: : Possiamo continuare a cercare di ripulire le grondaie in tutto il mondo e spendere tutte le nostre risorse guardare solo le macchie di sporco e cercando di renderli puliti. Oppure possiamo alzare gli occhi e guardare nei cieli e andare avanti in maniera evolutiva.

Russian: Мы можем продолжать, чтобы попытаться очистить сточные канавы по всему миру и тратить все наши ресурсы, глядя на только грязных пятен и пытается сделать их чистыми. Или мы можем поднять глаза и смотреть в небо и двигаться вперед в эволюционном пути.

Japanese: 我々は、世界中の雨どいを試してみて、クリーンアップしていき、ちょうど汚れたスポットを見て、それらをきれいにしようとして私たちのすべてのリソースを費やすことができます。あるいは我々は、最大私たちの目を持ち上げ、空に見て、進化の方法で前進することができます。

French: Nous pouvons continuer à essayer de nettoyer les gouttières partout dans le monde et passer toutes nos ressources en regardant seulement les taches sales et en essayant de les rendre propres. Ou nous pouvons lever les yeux et de regarder dans le ciel et aller de l'avant d'une manière évolutive.

German: Wir können weiterhin auf der ganzen Welt versuchen, die Dachrinnen reinigen und verbringen alle unsere Ressourcen betrachten nur die schmutzigen Flecken und versucht sie sauber zu machen. Oder wir können unsere Augen heben und schauen in den Himmel und in einem evolutionären Weg nach vorn zu bewegen.

Turkish: Biz denemek ve temizlemek olukları, tüm dünyada ve sadece kirli noktalar bakarak ve onları temiz yapmaya çalışıyorum tüm kaynaklarımızı harcamak devam edebilirsiniz. Ya da biz gözlerimizi kaldırıp gökyüzüne bakmak ve evrimsel bir şekilde ileriye taşıyabilirsiniz.

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Exploring and colonizing Mars can bring us new scientific understanding of climate change, of how planet-wide processes can make a warm and wet world into a barren landscape. By exploring and understanding Mars, we may gain key insights into the past and future of our own world.

Nobody ever asks who was the seventh person on the Moon. The only thing they know is who's number one and who's number two. Does anybody know who the last man was?

When you go to Mars, you need to have made the decision that you're there permanently. The more people we have there, the more it can become a sustaining environment. Except for very rare exceptions, the people who go to Mars shouldn't be coming back. Once you get on the surface, you're there.

Somebody would think I was trying to get favored treatment because my ancestors had the name Moon. And that's a joke.

The first footfalls on Mars will mark a historic milestone, an enterprise that requires human tenacity matched with technology to anchor ourselves on another world.

About Buzz Aldrin

Profession: Astronaut
Nationality: American
Born: January 20, 1930


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