For some reason I did something where I realized I could get a reaction. That was when I broke out of my shell at school, because I really didn't have any friends or anything like that and I just kind of was going along, and then finally I did this zany thing, and all of a sudden I had tons of friends.
Jim Carrey


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I don't make it in regular channels, and that's okay for me.

I got a lot of support from my parents. That's the one thing I always appreciated. They didn't tell me I was being stupid; they told me I was being funny.

My focus is to forget the pain of life. Forget the pain, mock the pain, reduce it. And laugh.

Morgan Freeman is so class. He's so cool. He's so scary.

I've never been one to sit back and go, 'I'd better do what the audience wants me to do, because I don't want to lose them.'

About Jim Carrey

Profession: Comedian
Nationality: Canadian
Born: January 17, 1962


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