Here was a man with loads of talent, loads of ability, lots of love to give; but that had been stifled and aborted. I became very fond of that character.
Michael Zaslow


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Spanish: Aquí estaba un hombre con un montón de talento, un montón de capacidad, mucho amor para dar, pero que no se había ahogado y abortada. Me hice muy amigo de ese personaje.

Mandarin Chinese: 这里是一个男人与能力,很多的爱,让人才,载荷加载,但已被扼杀和中止。我变得很喜欢的那种性格。

Portuguese: Aqui estava um homem com um monte de talento, muita habilidade, muito amor para dar, mas que tinha sido sufocada e abortado. Tornei-me muito afeiçoado a esse personagem.

Italian: : Qui c'era un uomo con un sacco di talento, carichi di capacità, un sacco di amore da dare, ma che era stato soffocato e interrotto. Mi sono molto affezionato a quel personaggio.

Russian: Это был человек с нагрузками талант, нагрузками способности, много любви, чтобы дать, но которые были подавлены и прерывается. Я стал очень любят этого персонажа.

Japanese: ここで与える能力、愛をたくさんの才能、負荷の負荷を持つ男だった、それは窒息し、中止されていた。私は、その文字がとても好きになりました。

French: Voilà un homme avec beaucoup de talent, des charges de capacité, beaucoup d'amour à donner, mais qui avait été étouffée et abandonnée. Je suis devenu très friands de ce personnage.

German: Hier war ein Mann mit viel Talent, viel Fähigkeit, viel Liebe zu geben, aber das war erstickt worden und abgebrochen. Ich wurde sehr gern von diesem Charakter.

Turkish: İşte becerisini kazandırmak, sevgi dolu yetenek, yükleri yükleri ile bir adamdı, ama o boğulmuş ve iptal olmuştu. Ben bu karakteri çok düşkün oldu.

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I hope it's enabling me to deal with another human being who's more important to me than I am.

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Characters can be mysterious and you're not really sure which way they might turn at a given point.

When I was younger, many of my romantic escapades were just a means of simply avoiding being by myself. I was afraid of feeling lonely, afraid I wouldn't know what to say to myself.

About Michael Zaslow

Profession: Actor
Nationality: American
Born: November 1, 1944
Died: November 1, 1944


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