I want to affect culture. I want to have my mark on everything. I give examples of people like Bill Cosby, Quincy Jones - those are the people who I look up to. The game wouldn't be the same without them. What happens in the course of 5 years isn't really important to me. I care about what they'll say about me in 50 years.
Nick Cannon


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If I have a talent, it's already been exploited! I've shown everything I can do to the public.

Real men change diapers!

Saturday morning, you knew what was cool by what was on 'Soul Train.'

Even though I am fortunate to have certain luxuries, sometimes, I am even amazed by what people with money have and do. I want to remind people that just because you might be rich and famous, it doesn't mean you have to take yourself too seriously.

I think my kids give mommy more attention than they give me.

About Nick Cannon

Profession: Musician
Nationality: American
Born: October 8, 1980


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