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Yelawolf Quotes

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Yelawolf quotes

Anyone can relate to struggle, whether you're European or Asian. Anyone can relate to having to get up and go to work and eat.

Hip-hop for me has always been hardcore and edgy.

My fans are like no other. Completely original people.

This is hip-hop. If you've got something you want to rap about, just rap about it, man.

Yeah, I have animosity, a chip on my shoulder. But I love, too.

For real, some of my favorite music is Mexican. It's something about the bassline and the drumming. I can't even speak Spanish, but that's probably why I like it so much.

I definitely prefer intimate crowds. I mean, those are always the best shows, like, a small venue. Packed to the gills. Hot, sweaty. Those are always the fun shows.

I equally love both, classic rock and hip-hop. I love all music, really, and I really use classic rock a lot. I'm heavily influenced by that melodically in my music. I can't really separate the two.

I just picked up a lot of classic-rock, melodic influence from my mom, music that she listened to, like 10,000 Maniacs, Led Zeppelin, REO Speedwagon and Yes.

American music culture is black culture.

I can tell you that when you're willing to give your life up to see a dream through, the reward is great.

I do so much music that it's like a fog, and I can't even remember all of it.

I don't go to clubs and throw money and pop bottles. That's not my thing, no disrespect.

I don't sit under the tattoo gun unless I'm sold on it completely and it will define me as a person.

I just want to make a classic. Classic is the standard. I'm just trying to make music that will last a lifetime.

I love performing. I love getting out there. It's kind of like why I make music.

I'm always gonna have the darker edgy music; it is always in my pocket because it comes so naturally to me.

I'm never scared what people are gonna think about music that I make.

I'm not ashamed of anything that I've done because when I did it, I was passionate about it and I was doing it for a reason.

Just because a rapper is white, I don't feel the need to attack them.