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Thomas Carlyle quotes

Not brute force but only persuasion and faith are the kings of this world.

Permanence, perseverance and persistence in spite of all obstacle s, discouragement s, and impossibilities: It is this, that in all things distinguishes the strong soul from the weak.

Nothing stops the man who desires to achieve. Every obstacle is simply a course to develop his achievement muscle. It's a strengthening of his powers of accomplishment.

Every noble work is at first impossible.

Laughter is one of the very privileges of reason, being confined to the human species.

A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.

He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.

Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment.

A strong mind always hopes, and has always cause to hope.

Adversity is the diamond dust Heaven polishes its jewels with.

I've got a great ambition to die of exhaustion rather than boredom.

Endurance is patience concentrated.

A laugh, to be joyous, must flow from a joyous heart, for without kindness, there can be no true joy.

If you look deep enough you will see music; the heart of nature being everywhere music.

No pressure, no diamonds.

Music is well said to be the speech of angels.

Reform is not pleasant, but grievous; no person can reform themselves without suffering and hard work, how much less a nation.

Blessed is he who has found his work; let him ask no other blessedness.

The first duty of man is to conquer fear; he must get rid of it, he cannot act till then.

There are good and bad times, but our mood changes more often than our fortune.