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Rafael Nadal quotes

I'm ambidextrous when I eat. But playing tennis right-handed - I can't do it. I'm clueless.

My motivation and aspiration is the same, being number one or being number five. So that's the truth. And my goal is the same - it's to always be happy playing, it's to enjoy the game and improve always.

The family is very important. They make me feel good always because if I won, when I started to be famous, the relationship never changed with my friends and family.

You just try to play tough and focus point for point. Sounds so boring, but it's the right thing to do out there.

The thing, when you're down two sets to love, is to stay calm, even though it's hard, because people are freaking out, people are worried for you.

I always wanted to be honest with myself and to those who have had faith in me.

Is only a tennis match. At the end, that's life. There is much more important things.

I tried to find a solution to the problem that I had, tried to find a way to start playing better.

I will do as I usually do. Tomorrow is going to be a day like any other day.

For me, it is important to win titles and for that I need to work hard, stay healthy and be able to compete. The rest, I always say, it comes.

I always had the theory that the most important thing is be happy, enjoy what are you doing, and be fresh mentally.

I always work with a goal - and the goal is to improve as a player and a person. That, finally, is the most important thing of all.

I am a guy who likes to do what I am doing with passion, whether it's a soccer match with friends or golf.

I am decidedly unfriendly during a golf game, from the first hole to the last.

I am lucky because my family are comfortably off. My father has his own glass business.

I am not the most courageous guy in the world outside of the court.

I am not the most courageous guy in the world outside of the court. Being alone in the dark is something I don't like.

I appreciate a lot in this life; the things you cannot buy. Life is only once.

I don't have any idols, any heroes, nothing, no.

I have lived my whole life with high intensity.