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Paul Thomas Anderson quotes

It felt like the first thing, but when I first started out, I got a job adapting a book by Russell Banks called 'Rule Of The Bone.' I didn't do a very good job. I didn't really know what I was doing in general, let alone how to adapt a book.

I think my job is to try and be as honest as I can with what is in my mind and how I feel - I think that's what you're supposed to do, if you're a good writer. So I try to do that. I know I do that. I do do that.

Acting is the hardest job in the entire world. By far. Harder than ditch digging.

I don't think it's a director's job to peek behind the curtain too much.

I don't get a sense of American pride. I just get a sense that everyone is here, battling the same thing - that around the world everybody's after the same thing, just some minor piece of happiness each day.

My older sister was at the cusp of new wave, and I had older brothers from my father's first marriage who were rock 'n' roll guys, so I was exposed to a lot of popular culture.

I don't miss scenes at all the way that I used to miss them when I was younger making a film. It's actually quite fun to get rid of them now.

I don't think the competition's so rough, within the majority of movies made in Hollywood.

I had the standard movie geek childhood, because for as long as I can remember, all I wanted to do was make movies.

I have a feeling, one of those gut feelings, that I'll make pretty good movies the rest of my life.

I always had a dream about trying to make a movie that had no dialogue in it, that was just music and pictures. I still haven't done it yet, but I tried to get close in the beginning.

It's a gamble you take, the risk of alienating an audience. But there's a theory - sometimes it's better to confuse them for five minutes than let them get ahead of you for 10 seconds.

How do I respond to criticism? Critically. I listen to all criticism critically.

I'll rebel against powers and principalities, all the time. Always, I will.

You have to be a brat in order to carve out your parameters, and you have to be a monster to anyone who gets in your way. But sometimes it's difficult to know when that's necessary and when you're just being a baby, throwing your rattle from the cage.

I am always looking for that nuance, that moment of truth, and you can't really do that fast.

No, really. Just do it. You have some kind of weird reasons that are okay.

Screenwriting is like ironing. You move forward a little bit and go back and smooth things out.

As I have got older and become a father, there's less and less time for films.

Crazy is so hard to play, there's nothing you can really tell an actor.