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Paul Thomas Anderson Quotes

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Paul Thomas Anderson quotes

It felt like the first thing, but when I first started out, I got a job adapting a book by Russell Banks called 'Rule Of The Bone.' I didn't do a very good job. I didn't really know what I was doing in general, let alone how to adapt a book.

Acting is the hardest job in the entire world. By far. Harder than ditch digging.

I think my job is to try and be as honest as I can with what is in my mind and how I feel - I think that's what you're supposed to do, if you're a good writer. So I try to do that. I know I do that. I do do that.

I don't think it's a director's job to peek behind the curtain too much.

My dad was this sort of avant-garde guy who did all kinds of weird things. He was a true original and anybody who met him never forgot him.

Film school is a complete con, because the information is there if you want it.

I'm not really a Sundance baby, but they helped me so much I feel I have to acknowledge it.

The films that I love are very straightforward stories, like really old-fashioned stuff.

I don't get a sense of American pride. I just get a sense that everyone is here, battling the same thing - that around the world everybody's after the same thing, just some minor piece of happiness each day.

My older sister was at the cusp of new wave, and I had older brothers from my father's first marriage who were rock 'n' roll guys, so I was exposed to a lot of popular culture.

I'll rebel against powers and principalities, all the time. Always, I will.

No, really. Just do it. You have some kind of weird reasons that are okay.

Screenwriting is like ironing. You move forward a little bit and go back and smooth things out.

As I have got older and become a father, there's less and less time for films.

I actually enjoyed the struggles that we had trying to shape 'Blood', to get the pacing right, the rhythm of it.

I didn't have any desire I might have had 10 years ago to shoot every single word that I wrote.

I don't miss scenes at all the way that I used to miss them when I was younger making a film. It's actually quite fun to get rid of them now.

I don't think the competition's so rough, within the majority of movies made in Hollywood.

I have a feeling, one of those gut feelings, that I'll make pretty good movies the rest of my life.

I've never been a fan of whimsical or confusing storytelling.