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Paul Lynde quotes

I'm Liberace without a piano.

Sandwiches are wonderful. You don't need a spoon or a plate!

I wish I had the nerve not to tip.

I sang in the choir for years, even though my family belonged to another church.

I feel now it's useless to keep hoping. The way things are today, we live in a world that needs laughter, and I've decided if I can make people laugh, I'm making a more important contribution.

A closet full of wire hangers can be the most dangerous place in the world.

A room is like a stage. If you see it without lighting, it can be the coldest place in the world.

I laughed all the way through Love Story.

It was the worst moment of my life. The producer came up and talked me back into going on stage.

When I said I didn't have a cent, I didn't. I used to get annoyed with people who said they were broke when they had five dollars.

I may find something that looks interesting and then go on to alter the recipe by adding spices, things of my own. I also look for time-saving recipes, dishes that can be prepared ahead and stored.

An actor shouldn't undergo psychoanalysis, because there are a lot of things you're better off not knowing.

Comedy is exaggerated realism. It can be stretched to the almost ludicrous, but it must always be believable.

Food was a constant topic of conversation in our household.

I can't even get three weeks off to have cosmetic surgery.

I don't know who the hell Paul Lynde is, or why he's funny, and I prefer it to be a mystery to me.

I don't understand why people don't remember my name.

I have an ulcer. It has an IQ of 185.

I have this beautiful antique silver wine decanter that I bought at an auction. I always pour wine from that.

I think basically an actor is a salesman.