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Ted Nugent quotes

There are hundreds of millions of gun owners in this country, and not one of them will have an accident today. The only misuse of guns comes in environments where there are drugs, alcohol, bad parents, and undisciplined children. Period.

Vegetarians are cool. All I eat are vegetarians - except for the occasional mountain lion steak.

I surround myself with positive, productive people of good will and decency.

The war is coming to the streets of America and if you are not keeping and bearing and practicing with your arms then you will be helpless and you will be the victim of evil.

Americans have the right to choose to be unarmed and helpless. Be my guest.

Where you have the most armed citizens in America, you have the lowest violent crime rate. Where you have the worst gun control, you have the highest crime rate.

Every study on crime and or firearms proves time and time again, that 99.99999% of American gun owners do not commit crimes or use our firearms in any dangerous or improper way.

I'm not in the leftist controlled Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because of my political views, primarily my lifelong militant support of the NRA, the Second Amendment, and my belief that the only good bad guy is a dead bad guy.

If you want to save a species, simply decide to eat it. Then it will be managed - like chickens, like turkeys, like deer, like Canadian geese.

I am Classic Rock Revisited. I revisit it every waking moment of my life because it has the spirit and the attitude and the fire and the middle finger. I am Rosa Parks with a Gibson guitar.

Without question, the Red Ryder BB gun is the most important gun in the history of American weaponry.

I hump the wild to take it all in, there is no bag limit on happiness.

Hopping the fence or wading the Rio Grande River isn't part of America's immigration process.

Do you want to feel good, or do you want to do good?

Use your lives wisely, my friends, and conserve these precious freedoms for future generations.

I am the Great White Buffalo and I play an American-made Gibson guitar that can blow your head clean off at 100 paces.

Fortunately, as it pertains to guns, my dad and uncle introduced me to guns the way it needs to be done: smart, slow and safe.

I have busted more hippies' noses than all the narcs in the free world.

Gibson has been making the finest electric guitars the world has ever witnessed for over 70 years. They are as American as God, guns and rock and roll.

At 62, I remain clean and sober and my ponytail remains erect.