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Michael Zaslow quotes

Here was a man with loads of talent, loads of ability, lots of love to give; but that had been stifled and aborted. I became very fond of that character.

Maybe the body learns from dreams. Maybe the muscles, the neutrons, revitalize.

My vanity is not dead. I laugh when I see pictures of myself as I am now-maybe so I won't cry, but just because it is really funny how much I've changed.

Characters can be mysterious and you're not really sure which way they might turn at a given point.

They're getting me involved in intrigue again, and I think it follows a classic formula in a soap opera.

I was surprised by how much I like being a father; surprised at what a decent father I am, because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to dump my selfishness.

People with fertility problems are not alone. It is a very very common problem for couples today. I've seen statistics that are just staggering.

I don't want to sell myself short. You hurt your spouse, not so much by the infidelity, but by the negative feelings about yourself that you bring home.

Doing any job for too long limits your possibilities.

Getting typecast is a dangerous thing to do.

I am not preparing myself or my family for anything but life.

I have to stay in soaps to pay my bills to Kodak.

I hope it's enabling me to deal with another human being who's more important to me than I am.

I left Guiding Light so many times, they ran out of champagne.

I particularly don't want to play unmotivated behavior.

I think sexy is vulnerability, and there's no way you can act vulnerable. It just has to be there.

If you love your life, you have to fight. If you believe in life and progress and possibilities, you have no choice.

In nighttime series, the actor gets billing up front on every episode.

People will sooner aid a sick dog lying on the sidewalk than to try to find shelter for a sick person. It's too much to deal with.

Roger became a part of me, and when he went off the deep end and became a mad snake, I felt sorry for him.