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Maria Bamford quotes

I love support groups, people talking about their feelings.

I think you can lose yourself in any creative activity - if you enjoy your job or enjoy a task, you can lose yourself in that.

It's always the compliments from people you love that mean so much.

I thought that when you have more success that you'd feel more buoyed or feel more confident. But in fact my brain has the gift of switching it around and saying, 'Now people are expecting something. Now you're really going to let people down.'

I'd like to create a lovable character for schizophrenia; it doesn't have a celebrity spokesperson because by the time somebody's schizophrenic they've lost all their teeth.

As far as I can tell, comedians are pretty serious people, and that's why they make fun of things all of the time.

Get out of your house and go see some live performance, for God's sake. There are people creating things just outside your window.

I express things through characters because I have a fear that my own voice is irritating because that's been said to me.

I find it creatively satisfying to write material and say it out loud in a public place, whether or not anyone's listening.

I get sort of short with people and start grumbling and clearing my throat - in honor of my father - when I'm impatient. It's very charming.

I have a comic character - my sister said that I'm the victim of every joke I tell.

I have a hard time with interviews, because I'd rather hear about the interviewer.

I have received more fulfillment and adulation than I would ever know what to do with in terms of show business.

I have trouble watching singers because they are so sincere.

I never really thought of myself as depressed so much as paralyzed by hope.

I think I, like a lot of people, have that type of brain where I find it interesting or fulfilling to worry about something.

I'm not an extroverted person, nor am I hyper-confident in my point of view. I just don't have that personality.

People get really irritated by mental illness.

Schizophrenia is hearing voices, not doing voices.

The Internet makes everything much less mysterious.