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James MacArthur quotes

But I found out that bones with flesh are more interesting than bones without.

But it's hard to sustain a successful acting career today.

It was an hour of sanity with the good guys winning, a situation where the world was right side up.

Frankly - and believe me, I say this without any pretense - when I see the road I've taken, I have to say that thanks to good luck, because without good luck one can do nothing, I've come out pretty well.

In the case of Five-O, I believe it was a combination of many ingredients - timing, chemistry, Hawaii.

Walt Disney was not a merchant of sadness.

Actually, if I could find a woman who was that wonderful; that understanding, well, I'd give her everything in the world that was in my power to give. And, I'd love her more than I ever thought it possible to love any woman.

A woman doesn't just love a man. She loves who he is. And, who he is is dependent on what he needs.

And after four years, I thoroughly enjoy Hawaii and the success of the show.

And I had an old-fashioned idea that dividends were a good thing.

Beating the drums for Hawaii is not hard to do... the place just grows on you.

For years I have played the twenty-something lover.

Fortunately, I've also been an electrician, and that's a happy memory for me.

I am happy to have now as Danny finally a more difficult role, in which I can shoot and fight.

I don't think anyone connected with Five-O believed the show would last as long as it did.

I give a percentage of the earnings to the Motion Picture Home.

I got into the acting business very young.

I just sold a farm in Missouri, and I own a ski lodge in Colorado with some Honolulu partners.

I thought even if the show only lasted a year, it would be fun.

My idea of going to hell is going somewhere where there are no books.