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Frans de Waal quotes

The role of inequity in society is grossly underestimated. Inequity is not good for your health, basically.

Chimpanzees, typically, kiss and embrace after fights. They first make eye contact from a distance to see the mood of the others. Then they approach and kiss and embrace.

I am personally not against keeping animals at zoos, as they serve a huge educational purpose, but treating them well and with respect seems the least we could do, and with 'we' I mean not just zoo staff, but most certainly also the public.

Sometimes I read about someone saying with great authority that animals have no intentions and no feelings, and I wonder, 'Doesn't this guy have a dog?'

The intuitive connection children feel with animals can be a tremendous source of joy. The unconditional love received from pets, and the lack of artifice in the relationship, contrast sharply with the much trickier dealings with members of their own species.

A chimpanzee who is really gearing up for a fight doesn't waste time with gestures but just goes ahead and attacks.

Although elephants are far more distantly related to us than the great apes, they seem to have evolved similar social and cognitive capacities.

Dogmatists have one advantage: they are poor listeners.

Exclusive homosexuality is not very common in nature.

Female bonobos form a strong sisterhood. They rule through female solidarity.

Future benefits rarely figure in the minds of animals.

Human morality is unthinkable without empathy.

Humans have a lot of pro-social tendencies.

I think we need to start thinking about grounding our moral systems in our biology.

I'm personally a nonbeliever, so I'm struggling with if we really need religion.

Male bonobos really don't fit the human male ideal.

Male chimpanzees have an extraordinarily strong drive for dominance. They're constantly jockeying for position.

People want to work with somebody who feels shame, who worries about the perceptions of others. Dishonesty is something we don't like in others.

Personally, I think it is possible to build a society that is moral on a nonreligious basis, but the jury is still out on that.

Religion may have become a codification of morality, and it may fortify it, but it's not the origin of it.