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Fidel Castro quotes

My idea, as the whole world knows, is that the capitalist system now doesn't work either for the United States or the world, driving it from crisis to crisis, which are each time more serious.

I began revolution with 82 men. If I had to do it again, I do it with 10 or 15 and absolute faith. It does not matter how small you are if you have faith and plan of action.

I never saw a contradiction between the ideas that sustain me and the ideas of that symbol, of that extraordinary figure, Jesus Christ.

There is not Communism or Marxism, but representative democracy and social justice in a well-planned economy.

I don't think anyone has been slandered more than the Jews.

There is nothing that compares to the Holocaust.

Men do not shape destiny, Destiny produces the man for the hour.

They talk about the failure of socialism but where is the success of capitalism in Africa, Asia and Latin America?

No thieves, no traitors, no interventionists! This time the revolution is for real!

Capitalism is using its money; we socialists throw it away.

I am a Marxist Leninist and I will be one until the last day of my life.

The revolution is a dictatorship of the exploited against the exploiters.

I think that a man should not live beyond the age when he begins to deteriorate, when the flame that lighted the brightest moment of his life has weakened.

The revenues of Cuban state-run companies are used exclusively for the benefit of the people, to whom they belong.

How can we help President Obama?

A revolution is not a bed of roses.

North Americans don't understand... that our country is not just Cuba; our country is also humanity.

I am Fidel Castro and we have come to liberate Cuba.

I would not vote for the mayor. It's not just because he didn't invite me to dinner, but because on my way into town from the airport there were such enormous potholes.

Sorry, I'm still a dialectical materialist.