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Evel Knievel Quotes

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Evel Knievel quotes

I created Evel Knievel, and then he sort of got away from me.

You know, I had a couple hundred jumps in my career, and I made most of them, but the ones they show over and over are the ones when I crashed.

If I'm out trailriding, I have a favorite motorcycle. Riding on the road, I've got a favorite. If I'm jumping, I have a favorite, and if I'm racing, I have a favorite.

But you come to a point in your life when you can't pull the trigger anymore.

I really think we should pass a law in every state, I don't care whether it takes the independence away from an old person or not. You shouldn't be driving a car if you're over the age of 80. Maybe even less than that.

I think I coulda landed on a dime. I really do.

When I hit that pavement at 70 or 80 mph those suits just ripped.

You come to a point in your life when you really don't care what people think about you, you just care what you think about yourself.

Riding a motorcycle on today's highways, you have to ride in a very defensive manner. You have to be a good rider and you have to have both hands and both feet on the controls at all times.

When you're mad at someone, it's probably best not to break his arm with a baseball bat.

I've been in a treatment center for drinkin'. I stayed for two days, then escaped.

I guess I thought I was Elvis Presley but I'll tell ya something. All Elvis did was stand on a stage and play a guitar. He never fell off on that pavement at no 80 mph.

Harley-Davidson is the finest company in the world.

I always knew how to draw a crowd.

I love the feeling of the fresh air on my face and the wind blowing through my hair.

Unless we do things in this country to slow down our population, slow down our birth control, provide better water for people, provide power for people, we're gonna find out that the next wars are not going to be fought over diamonds, gold and political things.

I am a lucky, lucky person.

I know that I'm very lucky to be alive. For 35 or 40 years I've spilt my blood and broke my bones and spent years in hospitals.

I think through education, belief in God, and good engineering, our children become a lot better at what they're doing than we did, and that starts with the very first sign of life on the face of this earth.

I recently have had a full hip replacement and a liver transplant, and I'm getting used to the medication.