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Dan O'Brien quotes

If you never give up, you'll be successful.

You have to be able to be a good loser. You have to be okay knowing you're going to fail every day in something without getting mad and upset.

Take pride in exactly what it is you do and remember it's okay to fail as long as you don't give up.

As a young child, I was never a crier. I never cried to get my way, or even when I was in pain.

There is nothing better than having a personal-best day, being in shape and pushing myself beyond my own limits.

After the failure in '92, my goal was to be a good pole vaulter. I used that as motivation.

And there is such a thing as a decathlon high. It's like a rock rolling down hill, picking up momentum. You get better and better.

As a young athlete, it was first about having fun; then it was about winning.

I call myself a chameleon.

I think what my parents did was perfect. They were strict, concerned about my safety and held me back just a little.

I was playing little league baseball when Bruce Jenner was winning the gold but I don't think I was really paying attention at that time.

I've always had to have some kind of failure before I was successful.

It really means a lot that I won the gold medal - but I woke up the next morning expecting to feel different. I felt the same.

It took me time to realize that the men who won Olympic gold medals in the decathlon are just men, just like me.

It's important for me to think I'm mixed-race.

Nowadays, to be a good world-ranked decathlete, you need to be good at everything.

The decathlon includes ten separate events and they all matter. You can't work on just one of them.

To me, the decathlon is its own little society and I am part of that culture.

Try everything, because you're never sure what you're going to be great at.

When I was little, I wasn't allowed to put sugar on my breakfast cereal because it made me so hyper.