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Carla Bruni quotes

I only judge people in one way. I like them or I don't. But I don't have preconceived ideas.

I think it would be shocking for me to pretend not to have any past. And also, it would be a lie.

I thought marriage was something very quiet and very regular and very bourgeois.

My dream life is just to go back to my job full-time. And be with my family. You know, regular dreams, common dreams that everyone has.

But I'm very careful with opinions because I never know what the truth is. When I read what the press says about me, I don't really believe what it says about other people.

I am cursed with computers; something always goes wrong.

I care about writing music and playing my music.

I find that talking about myself is often the most boring thing in the world. Sixty per cent of interviews I find mechanical.

I hoped that, you know, France wouldn't mind about, you know, the wife of their president to having a job.

I like peace and solitude and silence.

I love English rock music the best and have always been fascinated by The Clash, especially Joe Strummer, their singer.

I must represent France, and I want to be elegant, and I want the French people to be proud of me, you know.

I'm not at all an active feminist. On the contrary, I'm a bourgeois. I love family life, I love doing the same thing every day.

I'm not really a femme fatale.

I've ended up becoming my mother in some respects, despite my eight years of analysis!

In reality, I don't see myself as a man hunter. In fact, when it comes to love, I am rarely the one to make the first move.

It would never occur to me to judge anyone.

It's always astounded me to have succeeded at having kids. It's crazy!

Marriage is another trap. If you are someone who likes independence, it's another stamp against that. And you have to swear to fidelity.

My mother was a classical pianist and my stepfather was an industrialist who was passionate about composing contemporary music.